7* Hero Idea: Silas

“Many see the world as something that cannot be changes, I say that it can be changes with enough time. As my leader says people need to augment themselves in this new world. I give the perfect chance to.”

Silas - Healing Augmenter - Biochem - 7 Stars - Mid Line

A wanderer form the Morlocks, who decided to venture out into the world. Very soon she realized that you need to have some sort of ability to survive in this world. Soon she started to create serums, and potions to increase her strength, health, regenerative capabilities, and damage in general.

On her travels she met X-013 and Gauss both who was heavily damaged from a skirmish with the KLG Lawgivers. She was capable of nursing Gauss back to health, while X-013 used his self repair system. While she treated them she protected them and gave them her protection. Soon they started to trust each other and she eventually joined The United, and decided on a name that night as well.

Description: A Female of short stature, who resembles a modern plague doctor, cane and all. Using her serums she can easily make her team mates more powerful than ever.

Faction: The United

Weapon: Vytal SMG
Weapon type: SMG
Fire Rate: 7 rounds/sec
Ammo Capacity: 25 rounds
Reload Time: 1.2 seconds

Active skills:

Bronze- Angel’s Glow- Soon in her travels she discovered this bio-luminescent bacteria. It produces a powerful antibiotic, mixed in with her genetic manipulation she created the perfect concoction. When active all allies will glow blue, gaining 30% of their max health, 25% more armor, and regenerate 750 health a second. This effect lasts for an entire wave.

Platinum- Liquid Divination- When active all allies and herself gain 50% extra damage, heal for 1% of their health a second, gain 30% more armor, and are shielded for 40,000 damage. Also a 5% chance to ignore a hit of damage, the higher the damage the higher the chance. This affect only lasts for 15 seconds.

Passive skills:

Silver- Angel’s Blessing - For every second there is a 10% chance for an ally to heal for 6,000 health per second for 6 seconds. The longer that no ally is healed by this affect the more powerful it will become and the higher chance for it to happen. It will automatically happen if an ally hits 25% of their max health. This also affects the lowest health hero at the time.

Gold- Liquid Augmentation - For every 3 seconds there is a 5% chance for a random ally to gain the affects of Liquid Divination. The longer that no ally is given this affect the higher chance for it to happen. This affect only lasts for 7.5 seconds unlike the 15 seconds normally.

Creator notes:

The Next hero of The United. So pitch forks and torches, or nice job. Next Hero: Gauss


I like it, nicely done!