New Hero Concept : Jess

New Hero Concept : Jess - Exceptional Healer

(4 Star)

Element: Bio
Faction: Victims of 0-Day (VoD)
Position: Backline
Role: She is the healer of VoD

HP 5.5 / 10
Armor 5.5 / 10
Damage output 4 / 10
Support 9 / 10
Skills 9 / 10

I used to be a medic unit for Atlas his team, now that our squad is broken down and i got these these new powers, i guess now i’ll do more than heal wounds. And that is killing…

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An excellent medic unit, with a variety of heals and killing abilities, she uses these to aid the team in hunting down the KLG.


“Field Control”

She uses the gadget on her arm to repair all broken cover and heal allies for 8 seconds

  • Repairs 20% of cover’s durability every second
  • Whenever an ally stands behind cover that is 100% they will start regenerating 20% of their max HP every second instead
  • Hero is not able to shoot


“Leach Strike”

Jumps at the targeted enemy, dealing (very large) damage, leaching 100% of that damage to the lowest allied hero


”Together Strong”

The ally with the lowest HP will constantly regenerate (very small) hp per second



For every allied hero that falls below 50%HP, this hero gains 10% cooldown speed

Plus, if an allied hero gets a negative effect it will be cleansed after 15 seconds if not expired



A skilled Support Hero can’t help their team if they’re down for the count. This hero gains an armor bonus and a 30% increased chance to dodge.

All logo’s are screenshots from the game!

Cooldown Times:
Bronze: 1% per shot, 1%per second
Silver 20 seconds
Gold/Platinum no cooldown

Weapon: HFP-31 smg

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A stolen submachine gun for medics from a KLG weapon factory

Magazine size: 32
RoF: 18 per second
Damage: miniscule
Reload time: 1.9 seconds
Damage to Cover: 31.87

Thanks a lot for reading. Feel free to ask any questions!


So basically a bio version of Keel?

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After that make an energy version of keel. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Only the bronze is similar, but works very different.