A change to earning gems in pvp

Given matching issues that still persist, and the very long matches we have now, you’d make players very happy if you did the following:

Pvp match winner gets 200 gems. Pvp match loser earns 100 gems.


This is cool.

Thing is though, players (such as myself) who hate PvP can just throw PvP matches and get the items from the store basically for free.

As much as I love this idea (because I hate PvP), I wouldn’t recommend the dev’s implementing this. I prefer getting PvP gems from kills rather than as a pity participation gift. We already get 100 gems per kill anyway; we just get one kill off the enemy team and just throw the rest of the match.

It’s 20 gems not 100, big difference haha

Oh wait my bad. Just realized that a few minutes ago.

Still though, getting 100 gems for participating in a PvP match is just a big no for me.

I don’t get why you wouldn’t like to have a consolation prize?

  1. The winner would not get hurt, losers will be encouraged to continue. You’ll have players even if PVP matching is not perfect.
  2. Players will still have incentive to participate. More players == better chance for a match. Abuser would get matched with abusers.
  3. Diversity. Me I only use a 2 hero sets. I don’t even use my other 40 heroes because I just don’t find it rewarding to use them because their lose ratio is too high. With a consolation system, I’d be more willing to try and make them work because I’m rewarded for my time.
  4. Player retention. New players won’t be turned off even if they find pvp broken as they can still progress. When I began the game, I didn’t like pvp too much because I found it very hard to win gems. I was not compelled to play PVP.

I can only see positives with a consolation system.

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