Improve PvP gem rewards for PvP matches

Post revised after the patch…

I’ve posted this in other topics a few times but we need to get some traction and feedback on this obvious subject. PvP games used to take 20-40 sec before the last update, then it took 1m-3m after the August Update, and now after the patch which has been great it takes 1m-2m and don’t ends up in a Tie.

Please increase the PvP reward from 20 gems pr kill to 50 gems pr kill now, don’t wait for the next update to do this as this is critical to have similar progress in the game. Each PvP match takes now 3x more time in average and the reward for time spent playing PvP is a lot less than before.

I’m 100% certain that HH have statistics on how much PvP gems are earned pr day and can easily compare how it is now compared to before the update, also look at the number of PvP games played to see these details :raised_hands:.

PS: If the time spent pr match is not a problem on lower power where you don’t meet Ifrit Platinum and Flatline combo, then the reward pr kill might be considered differentiated on matched 0-25k / 25-50k / 50k and above…

Please comment, like or bump this post if you agree, we need to show HotHead that this is a critical issue for many players at the moment.


Completely agree, for all the reasons you listed. PvP gems are in horribly short supply since the last update, especially with all the FL/Ifrit teams.

For what it’s worth, I caught Omni in VIP chat about a week ago and asked him if the devs had any plans to increase PvP gem rewards. He gave the generic answer of “We’re monitoring it as things change and if we decide that a change is needed, then we’ll act accordingly”. Which, when translated roughly from dev-speak to English, means “No”.


Original Post revised after the patch update

I personally just prefer higher pvp gems because:

  1. It’s too repetitive.
  2. I need to work (in real life)


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