The new update drastically improves PvP, but gem rewards need to match the new battle length

First of all, this update is great. PvP finally feels like an actual strategic battle now that the winner isn’t decided in the first 5-10 seconds of the match.

However, PvP gems are in ridiculously short supply now that matches are so long. Longer matches is great, but the rewards need to be adjusted proportionally. If matches are taking twice as long, the PvP Gem award should be upped to the 30-40 range per kill instead of 20. It just simply isn’t worth the grind when it takes so long to get the gems needed for hero frags.


You beat me to it by a couple hours. Lol, I was literally going to make a thread about this topic today with the exact same words you used.

I’m happy with the more sustainable PvP fights, they are definitely more interesting and engaging, but I am not happy with the effect it has on my PvP Gem income.
You said it right, PvP matches are taking twice as long now, which means our PvP Gem incomes have been cut in half.
At least double the PvP Gem awards per hero killed to compensate for the increased amount of time required to complete a match.


Exactly. This is the most concise way to put it. This is a huge problem when the PvP store is one of (if not THE) number one ways to progress. I know that personally, my reliance on the PvP store is massive because Mandrake and Gammond fragments are my gateway to Heronium.


Thanks for the feedback! We will take it into consideration.


They need to readjust the Div 1 points too. Match time doubled. Why’d remove gold for Div 1 is sad.

Elu I mentioned this in the main thread ages ago… obviously it was ignored.

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