Time to double the gems per kill

Pvp is finally more balanced thank you!!! But, the time for each match is way longer, which would be fine except it effectively requires us to double our play to reach the same gems, or settle for less gems each day. Please increase the gems per kill to 40 from 20.


They adjusted the Crate rewards for the better, so we got compensation already. I think with 30 per kill we would have about the same outcome as before.

But of course I wouldn´t say no to doubling it :grin:

I feel like that’s an understatement… Lol! Those Quickwin tickets were the worst.

Overall, however, I do not feel that the improvement of the crate rewards should be a determining factor for our PvP gem income, and I do not feel that they should be used as an excuse to keep our PvP Gem income at a lower rate than before.

If a person takes their car into an auto-shop to fix their air conditioner, and in the process of fixing it they ruin the accelerator somehow, they should not say “Well, you may notice some issues with your speed, but at least you have air conditioning!”
Instead, they should fix the accelerator… Thank you for fixing my air conditioner, but I’d like to drive as fast as I was driving before.


Sure it doesn´t fully compensate, but you can get all the frags you woul by with the gems now in crates. They did some adjustments. But yes it is not enough, you get less than before.

Yah I think it’s was correct
Everyone is thinking the same…
So be on…

Needs some more upvotes. I won’t mind a retroactive rewards that adjusts the rewards based on match length.

Sure great idea…Does anyone still have the mismatch ?

YES Please.

or Allow us to exchange our hero lives.
1 heart = 20 PVP Gem

@JnnBtns That would be a bit to much, I would probably just throw 180 hearts away for that each reset, resulting in 7200 PvP gems a day

Right? If anything they would need to lower the value significantly. Maybe 10 gems per heart, or even 5. That still would net you 3600 gems with absolutely no work on your part and a guarantee of them. That seems more reasonable and might not be a bad way to let people still benefit from PVP who hate playing it (would still get significantly less gems than people who play PVP, unless you lose a ton).

And you can still use 2 teams that way

10 gems per heart sounds like a good deal for me. It’ll remove most of my time sink every day, while ensuring I don’t fall behind.

The removal of QW tickets should have been done a long time ago. It’s not an issue that is tied to pvp matches taking longer.

I used to clear upwards of 70 pvp matches per day, now it’s way down to barely 20. Too many people playing for draws and hoping to sneak in wins. It is a complete waste of time.

Was it really the devs intention to have 15-20% of matches taking the entire match length? And are we gonna wait this out till the September update re-adjusts the length of pvp matches? It does not seem a very well thought out patch if I am being honest.

I don’t agree with this because this will just prevent people from playing PVP. What we want is more people in PVP so matching would be better.

What I’ve been suggesting in some other threads is that loss of lives during a match should be rewarded. Why? How many taps does it require to quickly get to the next match? 7 taps with crate to open and more if you mess up just a bit and land on a different screen. The effort of going back, selecting missions, going to pvp is a big time sink. And with the increased match length, min maxing, OP and bugged chars, and a horde of other issues with matching still not resolved, players should be rewarded for their time regardless of result.

Personally, I feel that a base reward of 10 per loss of life would be the acceptable value for a loss. Now factor this value per minute of match time. 2mins would give 1.5x, 3mins gives 2.0x. Maybe a Draw should take out 2 lives randomly if there are no dead heroes to discourage people from making unkillable teams.