A "different" question than you normally see

Hi all - here’s a question for you…

We’re all used to talking about which Hero we like the most - but - who is the Hero that you find the most boring?

Discuss… :yum:

Thanks for reading


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Torque. He’s useless!


In my opinion, it would have to be Callidus. I don’t know why but ever since I’ve unlocked her, I just am not a big fan.

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Kurtz said every hero matters.

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It’s a tie… Oro the Patrol King and ole glass jaw Baron.

Edit: Yeah I won’t even use Torque in bounty. He’s another Patrol King.

Torque is utter garbage. Now if he passed along shields like the ones Serial has, we would have a reason to kill his turrets. Until then, he’s not even good enough for patrols.

Fiber, that’s all I cay say

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