Worst heroes so far?

Who do you think are the worst heroes so far?

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In which aspect do you want to know? Bounty or PvP?

Every hero has something there good at in the game.


It depends, not every hero is good at the same, game for example rifleman, people say he sucks but these guys only look at pvp, he is a sturdy hero that gets up for killing enemies which works super in campaign wheres there low health enemies and he has the ability to eliminate them quickly, so what I’m saying, no hero sucks they are just not as effective as others

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You know it buddy :slight_smile:

All heroes have their uses but this question can be looked in the aspect of heroes that don’t get used because there is a better alternative. For example commando instead of elite rifleman or caine instead of brogan etc. Personally Oracle is one of the most misunderstood heroes along with phoenix but they have little use as there are better options for you to use in different game modes.


There are no worst hero…

I’m talking here in purpose for patrol…
P a t r o l crate…

Because only in patrol, every hero is equal…


Elite Rifleman, no questions asked lol

I disagree. I find ER bad, but not the worst: he’s a good match vs hivemind if you know what you’re doing. If anyone deserves being called the worst, its Klayton


Worst: Klayton, Shank

Runners up: Yanlong, Anvil, Steele

I would agree with this list. Some other heroes who were viewed as universally bad such as Pris, recently got buffed so I am not sure how they stack up now. Most heroes are good at PVP, Bounties, Alliance Wars, or Co-Op Raids, however some just aren’t good at anything.

Oro. he’s the best patrolman though. always available.


Oro with Anvil will stagger your heroes to death and with halo can wreck your team


I disagree. Shank is quite useful


Klayton, I definitely agree
Shank is useful for stunning enemies (basically a less tough but more useful Klayton) and couple with Shivs and he gets a damage boost.
Anvil and Yanlong are surprisingly very good against shielded teams, Anvil can demolish shields easily while gaining a shield, Yanlong can buff himself with lots of armor while dishing out his almighty mortar cannon.
Steele, he’s OK I suppose but since he relies on basic attacks he is a bit inferior for a DPS, although he can shield himself and reduce enemy damage.

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Except Klayton, Klayton is truly the worst hero of the game without exception.


Basically, Shanks is a tank, just not the conventional one. You have to prioritize him since if you don’t his two stuns will disrupt your flow. Works even better with Shivs or Alvarez

Klayton Is good at patrol :slight_smile:


Hive… worst???¿