What’s your top 3

I was just curious about which heroes everyones favorite was and their least favorite, as there’s a very big bunch of them now, you can base this on appareance, how they perform or just how you like them, comment your top 3 below

Edit : I really like the way this post blew up, I really enjoy hearing everyones opinion on the game :slight_smile:


My Top 3 Favorite Heroes

  • Sapphyr (I have loved Sapphyr since the start of me playing the game. Not only is she an amazing DPS hero, she looks the coolest! IMO. I really like her armour, and the rift blades)

  • Serial (I love Serial for many different reasons. 1, he has some pretty cool abilities, and his great for AW. 2, I created a hero concept back in January, which was very similar to him. His name was Damon, he was a solider who was left behind on the battle of Zero Day by the UAF, and was rescued by the Patriots. On Zero Day, he lost both of his legs, and was given a floating chair to move around in. He wanted to bring the UAF to justice for what they did. I just think its similar to Serial. I don’t know, it’s kinda cool.)

  • Anvil (Anvil has also been one of my favorite heroes since the beginning of me playing as well. I loved his armour, and just his over all look. He was my first platinum hero. Now that I’m a better and a more experienced player, I realize that he’s not the greatest. :wink:)

My Top 3 Least Favorite Heroes

  • Savage (I personally don’t like him because he doesn’t do much damage. )

  • Astrix (Don’t get me wrong, she’s amazing for damage, but I don’t like the way she looks. It’s unnecessary.)

  • Klayton (I don’t even have Klayton, I just here a lot of negative about him, and personally, I don’t think that he looks cool at all, I mean… he has a band-aid across his fore head.)



(1 Marlowe - Sure it’s kinda obvious, but I absolutely love how her character came out. The backstory is something which I resonate with, and her skillset seems to be nicely suited to pvp and bounties. She’s my girl, which is why I like her.

(2 Surge I love this heroes design and voice tracks, despite the fact that I like other heroes’ skills better. He’s been my profile picture for a long time. He’s a nicely rounded hero.

(3 Alvarez I love this guy’s bronze, since it’s absolutely shuts downs an enemy efficiently, regardless of their power. Alv also has a cool design (and an awesome hairstyle).

I also love Hivemind and Striker, but those are probably my top 3. :wink:

(3 Klayton - Mr. “I-Can’t-Do-Squat” literally only exists to look mean. He doesn’t really…do much. He is a patrol man, that’s it.

(2 Cinder/Maven - I see these two SO much, that I’ve gotten tired of seeing them. Their skills are okay, but…just use another hero for once.

(1 Ronin - He exists to be abused and min-maxed, and has become more of a troll character than anything. I despise him, lol.



1: Galante. Does awesome damage, tanks like a brick wall, and looks awesome.
2: Matador. Useful abilities, effective healing, does murder when paired with cinder and surge.
3: Heimlock. My first five star, still an extremely effective healer, and does pretty good cover breaking.

Most Completely and Utterly Despised:

1: Moss. I just don’t see the point in slashing your health to give a slight bonus to your allies.
2: Ronin/Shivs/Panzer. Ronin gets overused, shivs is a pain, panzer reloads way too slow.
3: Klayton. (I’m sorry). He has the damage but his accuracy is garbage, he tanks really well, if only his bronze would work properly, and for primus sake, HES PUNCHING YOU WITH ROBOT HANDS IT SHOULD DO MORE THAN 2K DAMAGE.


Siren–does damage to multiple enemies which has often come in handy, esp. in missions. Also there’s something satisfying watching the lightning come from the sky.
Astrix/Kunoichi–great damage; can be a real PITA if you ignore them in PVP

Honorable mention:
Halo–she makes the sky sparkle when paired with Siren (et al); the light show is spectacular. She’s not top 3 because she has to rely on others to light up the sky.

Yanglong–I don’t see a role for him in this game. He’s not good for AW; he doesn’t scare anyone in PVP; there are plenty of better options for co-ops/missions.
Gammond–as above
Callidus–as above plus when she was a featured hero months ago, prompting many to use her in PCP, she seemed to be the first to die…each and every time.


Top 1 - Pris, I just love being able to control and debuff my opponents and making them unable to get my team down, plus now she is a sturdy healer and she does an amazing job at to me every gamemode

Top 2 - Briar, she is just amazing at healing at the moment I need it the most, she deals decent damage and stacks up negative effects on my enemy, when my team is low I can heal EVERYONE to full hp which is just amazing, and she is also just very sturdy

Top 3 - Artemis, simply just because I love using crossbows and bows, and just the way it feels when you make a big headshot and impale my enemy

Least favorite 1 - irezumi, I just don’t really like the design on her and her abilities just take way to long to take effect and it keeps interrupting her,

Least favorite 2 - panzer, when she came out she was way to good and ruined pvp and now she is decent against frontlines but really having her as main damage dealer doesn’t work because her shotgun really don’t perform anywhere near well for her at mid range

Least favorite 3 - shivs, on one way I like her I really like her design and backstory and all stuff but she did ruin pvp for me like a while, and just like ronin I don’t like them because of their past but besides that they both are really fun to play with, especially ronin when your having a fair fight

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Yanglong is really scary in the helios raid though, he gets way to sturdy, and callidus is actually pretty usefull with razorback as she heals both at the same time and soaks up damage

I absolutely love surge to, I have love for all characters in this game but surge was SINCE the beginning of the game my stuff to get past missions where the enemies were to hard, my first damage dealers were pris maven and salv but surge always had my back, he is my og hero

My Top 3:

  1. Commando - My fave hero. Cool design and skills, and my comeback win in pvp 2 vs 5 piloting him still remains my most unforgettable pvp moment.
    Plus, he “kinda” shares my name.
  2. Odachi,Kunoichi,Hideo and Sapphyr- I just love ninjas too much to not put them in equal standing. Watch your health/status!
  3. Hardscope and Dogface - The third spot goes to the father and son. Used by the ai, they’re meh. Pilot them, and watch enemies fall like toothpicks.
    Honorable Mentions- Shank and shivs, Cinder and Keel, Siren,Halo and Savage. They make too good of a team not to be included. Heimlock,Duran,Matador and Operator too, for keeping my heroes alive. And Razorback also, for being freaking hilarious.
    My most hated 3:
    Rank 3. Wesson -Not the skillset, but his story version. Imagine being happy you took out Kurtz (no picnic, trust me!) then turn out your boss is the bad guy all along. Ugh…
    Rank 2. Castellan - Argh. Had too many times when my happy pvp mood was ruined by 5 consecutive matches with this guy. And he takes f**king forever to die! Each time you nearly deplete a shield, another appears! And if you fail to kill him in a specific timeframe? Say bye bye team, composition be damned! Please nerf, or at least give us a hero to check him!
    Rank 1. Klayton - He’s ( supposed to be) a tank. That can’t even kill a half-health halo. Nuff said.

Mandrake, Butter, Gale. They move and flow together well.



  • Commando, looks awesome, insane single target damage with his skills, can heal quickly with his silver skill (because of critical strikes) and generally either applying his bronze or silver skill is enough to KO an enemy hero.

  • Heckler, his legendary skin looks super awesome even if it gets him killed a lot, but it does make him deal insane energy damage with his skills which is super helpful against bio heroes like mandrake and heimlock who I find super annoying. Also heckler gets burst heals whenever allies are dying and his stunning rounds are helpful in disrupting skills. Heckler’s only flaw is that he dies a lot and very quickly.

  • Hideo, looks cool, a ninja (probably the only in the game, sad), deals great damage which accumulates, and also damage nearby enemies, can stun and disrupt everyone with his skills.

Honorable mentions:

  • Halo, gives an energy damage boost to ally skills, can heal and deal good damage, only every time I play ad her her weapon never want to hit the enemy and seems very inaccurate.

  • Lancer, his smoke can be used offensively and defensively, his double shotgun is unique, his grenade can potentially deal 100k+ damage each time, with every kill he can throw more of them. Same for Striker, although I don’t have her yet so idk what she’s like

  • Duran, looks cool, great healer, provides small buffs to team. If he was DPs I would’ve chosen him as a top.

  • All the seven star heroes, each of them a great in their own way and look decent, but especially Serial who looks awesome with his alternate common skin.

Least favorites:

  • Klayton, yes he’s a good tank, but WHO DEALS 2K DAMAGE WITH A SILVER SKILL AT PLATINUM and he’s super inaccurate with his weapon. And he’s a five star meaning he doesn’t feel worth it collecting all those frags.

  • Beck, other than her high damage grenade, she doesn’t do much, her dodge doesn’t really do much to her, she’s only useful for War.

  • Irezumi, in my opinion she feels like a Shivs knockoff with less health.



  1. Ghoul - I’ve loved him since day one. He’s a bit underrated in my opinion, but his skills charges super fast and is pretty powerful. I also love his looks, and especially the picture of his dog on his back. Fun fact… his dog changes to a skeleton dog with his Halloween skin on.

  2. Caine - Also another hero I’ve loved ever since I started the game. His healing and shielding is helpful, but I love the way his armor looks. Another fun fact about his character if you never realized… his eyes are like the devil lol. Plain red :).

  3. Baron - Once again, I absolutely love the looks of Baron’s armor. The blue and the gold just look insane to me lol. Plus he’s an amazing tank, his gun can break cover easier than probably any other hero in the game. Very well designed hero.



  1. Elite Rifleman - No questions asked. He’s the most useless character in the game lol.

  2. Xianiju - Honestly, I feel like he took all of the fun away from Halloway. He’s basically the same hero. I was upset when he came out. And I don’t like the way his skin looks. But I guess he’s good for war, oh well.

  3. iFrit - Once again, I feel like he took all of the fun away from Flatline. She use to be the only hero that could revive allies. Also think he looks creepy lol, but I guess that’s just how Morlocks are. Again… oh well :/.


What do you mean by astrix looks are not necessary??? Lol


In my opinion, she shows more than she needs too.


ehem I see what you mean @J_A_D_O can’t deny it tho she does some insane damage

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Look at nightingale, she shows just as much cleavage. I’m not gonna judge a hero on how they dress. But yes I do see what you mean. You didnt mention the new pris bunny skin lol

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Help me, I have it, I have to live with it, wish it was less more exposed indeed, I only use it because it’s rare

sigh I thought everyone loved Astrix. she thicc lol

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I didn’t mention Nightingale because I didn’t want my comments to be covered in “I don’t like her outfit”. So that’s why she’s not in my comment. The Pris Bunny skin, well… that’s a skin. Not a character. I got nothing against her as a character. Plus I already shared my thoughts on her skin on another post. :wink:

She herself is a great character, my favorite character to as she was my first hero I actually upgraded and helped me through my campaign