What hero do you find the most useless

There are so many heroes in this game… and ofcourse some of them are great, some are good, some are just okay…
maybe we also think that hero A is useless, but if we combine it with B, A is better.
We all know that useless heroes ( we never use for PvP or campaign) can be used for Alliance Wars or patrols.
But here, let’s not talking about Alliance Wars or patrols.

This is just a simple question
What hero do you find the most useless?
And for the Devs… You are allowed to participate🤗
Thank you

For me, it’s Oro
Oro is super useless for me… he’s big, opponent can shoot him easily, only one shot at a time, can you imagine when he miss the shot…? And also I dont like all the skills

  1. I find Oro lackluster despite some changes he’s had the past updates.
  2. Callidus also comes to mind. She’s sort of soft and oftentimes dies before she could even fire her antiheal.
  3. Baron, despite having a good kit, has durability issues. Same thoughts with Callidus. Keel and him are quite a good combo though.
  4. I find Yeager and Ghoul quite meh.

Galante is god.


Not every hero can and is designed to be a good PVP hero. Some are great at PVP, some are bounty killers, some are there because of Alliance Wars (BECK IS AW ROYALTY).

However, there are some heroes which are terrible and need to be looked at, who are currently not useful for anything and “garbage-tier” as I would call it. Useless for everything except for patrols.

Oro is one of them.
Elite Rifleman too.
Callidus, also another big liability and useless for all intents and purposes.
Yeager, totally bunked after his nerf.

Also for me Shank is pretty bad though maybe it is because I do not have Shivs to augment him and in any case I do not have him above gold. So I guess I can’t really say for him.


When I think of useless hero’s, I think of vanguard. Sentry and Oro. All of these skills are pretty useless

Oro and Yeager (post-nerf) are definite trash. I disagree with all the other picks here. Callidus is sub-optimal but not trash. Rifleman is Ok. Then the rest are actually pretty good at what they do.


Vangaurd is weak af panzer will beat her

Panzer pretty much shreds anyone so…that means nothing.


Not bio chem. She can’t spread that

Ritchard and Yeager post nerf

Oro is OK cause he can deal damage to everyone in campaign
Baron is useful if u want to distract enemies from ur more vital heroes, or break a lot of cover (works with keel and cinder)
Sentry at gold+ is extremely annoying, he can keep staggering u until he gets his bronze which can one hit a biochem
Vanguard is near useless in terms of damage and his shield doesn’t help that much
Heimlock (personally) deals no damage at all, his cleansing skill is useful, his heal is meh.
Elite rifleman not so elite, little damage and health
Carabina, never bothered to upgrade her, deals little damage, markers take too long to charge and AI never aims for same enemy twice
Callidus, supposedly tough but always dies first somehow, but at plat she is OK
Shank, he is OK sometimes if u want to stun, damage wise he sucks


I figured people would find Vanguard, Shanks and Heimlock pathetic offensively. Cause that’s not what they are for. Vanguard is one of the best shielders in the game, Heimlock is a grade A healer that can also remove annoying ailments, and shank can stun an entire team if lucky, and is hard to take out to boot. Callidus, on the other hand, has a niche as a good heal blocker, especially if paired with a healer or shielder. Carabina is a good counter to invisible heroes bronze + silver and they lose a lot of their health. Overall, i dont think any heroes are useless, just need to be played properly or paired with the proper ally


Right… good points and absolutely agree with that Suddencommander…
And… what you think about Oro?

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he deals a good damage. Not the best, but not outright useless, he still deadly if ignored.

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ORO. He didn’t give what he deserved

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Shank sucks, even paired with Shivs.


Shank definitely sucks but he can be a bit annoying when his stuns actually work. Many times I will be picking off heroes on an enemy team and If I leave shank for last he prolongs the battle to be unecessarilly long.
I would also say Oro and vanguard are pretty useless. Heroes like rifleman and Baron arent good competitive heroes but I do find them fun to use.


Callidus is super soft, doesn’t do much damage at all and not very good in most game modes.

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Galante. Easy to kill. His torpedoes are really just mosquitoes (unless you have Halo there).
Fortress. Takes forever to do his big blast and he’s easy to kill while he’s charging up.
Pris. Who seriously uses her?
That uppity robot hunter thing. Name escapes me. He’s slow and weak even after recent boost.

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@Proximus dont think that G O D L A N T L E will like the statement with the missiles. But a halo galante combo sounds nice

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Many heroes fill very specific roles, which don’t exist in every gamemode. And honestly, a hero can’t be judged properly unless they are at their best level (Platinum 0, 7-star, level 80 at minimum)

For me, it’s probably Ifrit, and so far am not really impressed with him. His heal is slow, and Showtime is barely noticeable. His gold and platinum is also kind of impractical. It’s fun to freeze enemies with Cross’ gold, but other than that I find he takes up space.

(Edit: So, I’ve actually used Ifrit for a while now, and he’s actually a bit better than I anticipated. However, Yeager, who was on my mind, does not deliver well. I liked his risky nature pre-nerf, but now his Platinum is nonexistent. So, Yeager for me is the most useless)

However, in reality I don’t believe any hero is truly useless if you pair them up right. Heroes such as Brogan and Françoise can boost heroes dramatically, turning a meh hero into a powerhouse for a few seconds. Makes for some interesting combinations.