A little bit more of effort

Come on guys, I know this may not be the most expected part from the game but you should start adding more effort to the desing part.

This new ingame intro looks made by a kid in Paint.

Btw, I just realize almost all the sunray heroes have the same face model with maybe different hair or a helmet. Come on, for being the most expensive heroes (not just to get them but to upgrade them) they should be better handled.

Edit: I almost forgot their skins. While in other heroes the common skin at least changes the color.


With this guys there is just a light tone variation.


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Most common skins just change the color palette, it’s always been this way, and honestly just enjoy the update, it’s too early to complain,

One thing is that bullseye said that this might be the last “FF” inspired hero done, the upcoming ones are going to be much cooler I heard, so yes they are working on it, and they were just getting a feel for the game so they could understand it better, now they are showing off what deca can do!

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This isn’t a example of “lack of effort” like you’ve said above, this is a purposeful design choice. They all have a yellow/white color scheme to them to create a theme for Astral heroes. Same goes for the Void, having the purple color scheme as well. :man_shrugging:t2::+1:t2:


However i can agree that i do not like the skin i agree more with Jado. It’s purposely done, and let me remind you we’re talking about DECA finishing half made heroes. Whatever little effort HHG put in these is what DECA took over. Honestly, DECA isn’t to blame for it

Hey. Sorry to hear you don’t enjoy the art of this update. Everyone is free to share their thoughts and I will make sure to note your input down. We are definitely working on improving the art design of the heroes and have some interesting surprises for everyone. Thanks.

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This is absolutely one of the best updates y’all have ever had! I like the idea of having 2 mythic skin! Can’t wait to boost my heros

Having the costume go through a color pallet change isnt anything new though. its been a practice in the industry for decades. thats how cosmetics go

Same thing like hh. New hero, add him in Bounty and PvP, again repeating in future updates with new hero. Nothing new. Hh kill the game dec@ buried it.


It’s practically dead, right? :headstone:

Don’t say that! This game is coming alive! I personally think adding a few adds for the game and new member bonuses might attract newer players!

This game is still going hard! You made sure of that deca!

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Seeing everything in a pessimistic way tells alot about what kind of person you are.
You only see the negative things DECA bring out. That is sadly how most minds work, and i won’t correct you for it, but i will advise that it’l hinder you a lot in life


Lol you copied my bio/alliance quote “Hh killed the game and Deca buried it”

Game is not dead and i very looking forward to the future with its new ownership
Cinder needs her original short shorts in a skin

People don’t know where to get their originality from🫣

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