A Loophole I Found in the System

So this is what I was experimenting for a few months now.

I stopped playing it for a good month. Now some think I get the week gifts thing, but I didn’t get it. But, here’s what I got instead.

I feel like my chances of rarer heroes has increased drastically. Odd, but left the game for a month, Alvarez Feature Crate came, had 5 tokens, placed one in, boom. Alvarez. But here’s something even funnier. I had three 3* heroes out of the 3 tokens, and then the last one, boom, Brogan. IDK if it’s intense luck or a loophole, but I had experienced this for a while now.

The heroes you get from crates are FIXED and NOT RANDOM at all, if you want a different fixed heroes you have to wait for the next update version. That’s what i found out. :thinking:

Well I think there’s something going on. I noticed this with my girlfriend’s account. She stopped playing for several months. And when I tried playing the game on her phone again, it gave me pretty generous rewards. Mind you that it was for coming back to the game and some additional other rewards. I know that it maybe a way to encourage or say thanks but man, I was so envious of what her account got. What ever it was, a glitch or not, welcome back to the game!

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I had this with my alt @Dyes10. Those are return rewards

That’s not accurate in the slightest. Please don’t feed misinformation to other players. First warning.