A note on reduction/increase damage skills

I’ve noticed Razorback’s net, that should increase damage to the target by 15%, doesn’t do as stated. And I started to test every skill with % increase/reduction damage. All this was tested on duels with Platinum setting (Level 60, 8*, maxed skills). I’ve tested with advantage, disadvantage and same element, in case the reduction/increase only applied to normal damage.

These are some of the results obtained (the numbers indicate the damage of a single non-critical shot to the body)

Advice: This post may get heavy if you dislike maths, so go to the conclusion if you just want to read about what I found

Damage reducing skills

Pris’ gold reduces 15% for the rest of the battle
Dogface to Pris - 26.247
Beguiled Dogface to Pris - 22.163

Damage reduced by 15,50%

Pris to Pris - 6.435
Beguiled Pris to Pris - 5.345

Damage reduced by 16,90%

Yanlong’s silver reduces 12% per charge up to 5 charges (60%)
Cross to Yanlong - 39.507
Cross to Yanlong with 5 charges - 14.122

Damage reduced by 64,25%

Cast’s gold gives him a 25% damage reduction
Hivemind to Cast - 4.640
Hivemind to buffed Cast - 4.348

Damage reduced by 6,29%

Steele’s plat decreases enemy damage by 5%
Matador to Steele - 1.277
Debuffed Matador to Stele - 1.244

Damage reduced by 2,58%

Galante’s plat reduces damage by 30% when moving between covers.
Matador to Galante - 1.241
Matador to Galante (moving) - 815

Damage reduced by 34,32%

Heimlock’s plat reduces damage by 10% to heroes below 50% max HP
Pris to Heimlock - 9.804
Pris to Heimlock under 50% - 8.731

Damage reduced by 10,94%

Damage increasing skills

Chesterfield’s silver increases damage done by 50%
Chesterfield to Matador - 21.227
Chesterfield to Matador (with flare) - 32.809

Damage increased by 54,56%

Razorback’s silver increases damage done by 15%
Razorback to Matador - 2.646
Razorback to Matador (net) - 2.811

Damage increased by 6,23%

Steele’s gold increases his damage by 15% while shielded.
Steele to Matador - 2.970
Shielded Steele to Matador - 3.403

Damage increased by 14,57%

Kunoichi’s silver increases damage received by 30%
Keel to Kunoichi - 14.962
Keel to enraged Kunoichi - 19.807

Damage increased by 32,38%

In conclusion, not a single skill reduces EXACTLY as its stated, most likely because of the armor/damage interaction. It can lead to differences in % increased/reduced of the same skill when used against different heroes. But the main concern are Razorback and Cast skills, doing way lower than they should, which could suggest a bug.

There are two different results of Pris to prove that damage reduction of one skill is not exactly the same for different adversaries.
Prophet, Artemis and Odachi haven’t been tested because neither my brother or me own them.
Any % of elemental damage increased (Salvatore) /reduced (Butter) hasn’t been tested because it would be hard to determinate, since normal damage should be unaffected
Vanguard’s plat has been ignored because it also increases armor, and I have no idea how armor works, so it would be hard to calculate the real damage reduction from that 25%.


This is some grade A sleuthing here, well done!

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Well done gathering this digits @GTSaiko!

I’ve been doing some testing like this on my own, though not for the percentage skills, but more so for certain skill interactions. If possible, there are some skills I would like to test with you, skills like Kunoichi’s gold and what not and Richter’s gold.

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