Is razorback good

Just got first five star and it’s razorback
Worth putting in lineup and at which “position”
(Support main attacker)

I like razorback a lot. I have him at 9* platinum. He used to be much stronger, but he’s been nerfed a decent bit recently. He’s still a strong hero, but not the must-have that he once was. You’ll get various opinions from different people, but as long as you don’t rely on him for damage, he’s still a fantastic tank imo.

I love Razor. His problem is that he grows weaker the stronger he gets. At bronze/silver he used to dominate. At plat he is a good choice, but not nearly as good as he was

I never really liked him because I never really see him doing any good damage. But he’s good for endurance; his shield is easy to recharge and it absorbs a loooot of damage.
I have a 8* Razorback at Gold+4 so he’ll be Platinum any day soon.

The value of Razor’s shield really can’t be overstated. Since he taunts, the AI focuses on him; but since destroying the shield deals decent damage to multiple heroes, the other human player will usually avoid damaging his shield. So now you’ve taken away most of the AI dps from whichever hero your opponent is targeting with their pilot hero.

At 9* plat lvl 72, his shield absorbs 300k damage and boosts armor by 4700. If it gets destroyed, he reflects 50% (150k) damage to the nearest 3 heroes. Those numbers are crazy.

If you’re lucky his platinum skill will trigger during his taunting also reducing a baffling SUPER LOW amount of armour of the target making his shield explosion a tiny bit (but barely not at all) stronger.

Enemies are likely to crit you too, so you will be doing damage due to his gold. To be honest, I find Razorback skill set quite unique and interesting. A shame his machine gun is not different from a water gun in firepower terms

Yeah if you’re using him, you definitely need to make sure you’re bringing enough firepower from other dps heroes to make up for his lack thereof. I tend to find that when I’m using him though, he takes quite a bit of damage, meaning that my other heroes are NOT taking that damage. I presume this is because his bronze is successfully redirecting a lot of AI dps to him rather than the heroes I actually care about. For damage, you may as well throw marshmallows at the other team, but as a tank, he’s amazing.

As the Devs say they wanted razor to be a damage reflector setting up powerful counters but has low raw damage he is amazing really useful in whatever team

Ya, as a tank/damage reflector, he is amazing. The only problem is in the current meta you usually control the only DPS on your team, while the AI controls the other healers and support. This makes it easy to avoid him with your DPS hero, while the others can easily heal through any reflected damage they take back from Razor.