7-2 Kunoichi with 300k hp one shot kunai tips?

Hi hunters any tips on how to finish 7-2?

Here’s my line-up:
Gold Mandrake
Gold Matador
Gold Maven
Gold Dogface
Gold Keel

Other options:
Gold Heckler
Gold with one bar Gammond
Three silver bar Cast

Do we need a specific toons for this district? The kunoichi one shots all my tanks!

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As you get to higher levels, you really start seeing how much of a difference elemental modifiers are. Kunoichi is mechanical so if you level up and bring in some Bio-chem heroes, you’ll do more damage and take less. Beefing Cast up and swapping in for Keel may help. Or Dog if you can sacrifice the DPS and want to keep Keel’s healing around.

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You can actually dodge at least 1-2 of the knives you just start rolling. It’s hard to tell who the knives are gonna get tossed at, but if you start the mission as one of the frontline Heroes it seems to work pretty good, just try to time the dodge so you are already running when she throws the first knife.

It can help you survive the initial burst of damage, and then hopefully clever use of your skills and abilities can pull you through the mission.

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Did it with a 6* Gold Matador, 5* Gold Mandrake and Maven, and silver 5* Cast and heimlock (I just got from a crate). I was lucky I still have Maven, Heimlock and Cast during the final 2 300k hp kunoichi. This was such an irritating (but effective) wall. Haha

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Use Pris or mauler and shut her down… Spam beguile with Pris or mauler combine specials for a 10s stun.


HOLY good idea. Is Pris worth upgrading to gold for these moments? Just beguile high dps enemies in campaign?

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Beguile is not high damage but sapper is crazy damage Vs bio if you can land it.