A Preview of Something

These are lines in something thats being made:
#1: “I don’t understand, Doctor, how could I have lived if she died?” Doctor Oswald didn’t respond. Frustrated, he tried to move his arms, but he couldn’t. He looked down to see what was the problem. He wasn’t in his body. In fact, his body wasn’t there. Instead, he was greeted with cold, unmoving titanium plates.

#2: “Where is Lt. General Boh and the 50th Mech-Infantry Division? They were supposed to be here by now.” “We don’t know sir.” "Hell, we won’t last another month like this, " commented someone. He quickly put on his armor and grabbed his M2022 Marksman Rifle and headed out.

I’m not going to say what this is.

#1: Hmmmm, origin of Fortress? Heckler? Steele?

#2: The M2022 is Dogface’s gun…

I’m gonna kick your butt if this is a fan fiction.


It completely aint a fan fic mate