New Hero Concept: Colonell Axton - Last Life Monger

7 :star: War Hero Concept

Element: Astral image
Faction: UAFA image
Pos: Frontline

Hp 5/5
Armor 5/5
Damage 0/5
Skills 5/5



(Butter is summoned by Ryker)
B: Captain! What’s going on? Why did you summon me on an emergency basis?
R: Nothing in particular Butter, I just wanted to ask you something.
B: Oh… hmm, okay, what do you need?
R: Do you remember the Life Mongers?
B: Not much sir, I know they had pretty advanced technology but I don’t know more than that.
R: If we can get our hands on that technology again, we could upgrade our troops…
B: Well sir, you would have to ask Hivemind or Halloway, their equipment is made from there.
R: Well, summon them.

(Halloway and Hivemind arrive).
H&H: Sir
R: At ease guys, I wanted to ask if you remembered the LM technology, since from the files you were course…
HM: ahh yes, I haven’t heard that name in a long time, my drone backpack and Halloway’s projector used that technology.
HW: Yes sir, but as advanced as it is we can no longer use it and it was not explained why.
R: I read some old files with Butter and we found out that we still have a few pieces somewhere at the old base
B: but the problem is not to recover it, but to replicate it
HW: hmm yes, I don’t know if you knew this sir, but the only one who could use it was Sub Lieutenant Axton
R: who?
HM: aaaah yes, I remember now! Axton was the founder of the Life Monger line, but after about 5 years of service, he and his entire team disappeared. this was long before the Kurtz incident.
R: …

(Panzer enters the room)
P: He didn’t disappear
R: Panzer! I don’t remember summoning you
P: Sorry sir, but I couldn’t not listen, I was a Life Monger too… and then you forgot the intercom on
R: image
P: anyway yes, Sub Lieutenant Axton was the founder and the only one who knew the basics of that technology, but after 5 years of work, some of his people had a psychological breakdown and killed almost everybody…
B: What happened to Axton and the survivors?
P: to the few survivors we erased their memory and relocated them in the army or as civilians…
R: So. Is Axton still here or is he out there as a civilian? If he’s not already dead of course.
B: and what happened to those rebels?
P: Axton was Wesson’s best friend outside the army, I don’t know what happened to him… as far as the rebels are concerned, we are still looking for one of them, while the others we have… “sedated and subdued” and sent to the Black Water penitentiary
HW: hmmm… Going by logic…if Axton was Wesson’s best friend…
HM: and an indispensable resource for the army…
R: he was…

(Nigntingale storms into the room).
N: he’s in a state of forced coma inside an amniotic tub.
R: image
N: he’s been transferred to the hospital wing of Orion Base, the only wing that’s still operational for some reason…
R: …okay, so we’ll have to…
P: we need to organize a rescure team, even though the base has been abandoned for years, we’re bound to get resistance from the old security drones…
R: ok… prepare…
P: we will need 1 Vanguard, 1 Commando, 1 Operator and a Commander as a frontline team; I, Baron, Oracle, Dreadnought and Duran will be in support; while Ryker, Butter and Nightingale… you will go in when the road is clear
R: aren’t we going a bit overboard? and since when you are in charge anyway…
P: Ryker… Orion base is one of the most heavily defended fortresses ever built, since it was abandoned the AI system shoots at the first thing it sees, why do you think Wesson and Kurtz have always ignored it?
R: you could have at least left me the composition of the teams
P: sorry Ryker, it’s not that I don’t trust you… it’s that I really don’t trust you.
R:… ok… let’s go

[Orion Base]

(The teams sneak up on the entrance)
R: Vanguard, what’s the situation?
C: All quiet sir, not a soul in sight.
R: hmmm… Oracle do you see anything?
O: No Ryker, quiet here too…
P: well, Vanguard stand guard at the entrance, we are going in…

(Panzer breaks through the base doors and the two teams enter)
D: All too quiet
B: the alarm didn’t go off either… maybe it’s broken?
R: let’s explore the area, we should find something…

(they explore for about 2 hours until they find a door)
N: Ryker! I have found the door to the hospital wing, I’ll send you the position
R: good, Team, let’s get going.

(arrived at the corridor)
B: look Ryker, there is a flashing red light and a camera, what do we do?
R: we should knock out the camera and hack the door to open it…

(but Panzer goes ahead)
R: Panzer!! what are you doing!? Get back in position now!!!

(she doesn’t listen to him and kicks the door violently, blowing it off)
(Ryker, bewildered, passes by and waves to everyone to come in)

[Hospital Room].
B: what is this place?
Dread: it’s huge and it smells terrible

(Ryker finds the amniotic tub)
R: … Nightingale and Duran, I think there’s someone inside the tub, go check it out.

(Nightingale and Duran move forward to investigate)
N: hmmm… Ryker, we found Axton
Duran: and it’s not a man, it’s a woman… sub lieutenant Axton is a woman
R: oh… medical parameters?
N: the body has been dead for about 20 years now, the amniotic fluid has only maintained it, while the machines have kept the brain active but in a dormant state
R: ok, prepare the tub for transportation

(The team prepares the tank for transport, but at the moment of the detachment of the connectors, the alarm is triggered and an almost endless series of drones surround the room)
P: Ryker, what’s going on? Lots of enemies have appeared
R: The alarm! We have disconnected some connectors and the alarm has gone off, see if you can clear the area, we will go through the main door.

(the team is fighting and advancing slowly, but when they arrive at the door, a call comes from outside)
???: You inside, you just can’t give up huh? We know you have the sub-lieutenant and your plans… come out with your arms raised and prepare for death!
B: why are they speaking in singular?
N: and who are they referring to?..but we can’t give up now
R: of course not, but we can’t go out unprepared either, Oracle hasn’t contacted us yet, so surely they’ve got her or she’s still running.
N: I hope for the second one
R: Vanguard loads a shield on Commander, while you go forward

(the commander gets the shield and starts forward)
R: Commander what do you see?
C: Sir… we have a problem… actually two problems…
C: There are two H-class Destroyers out there… with several Hunter drones.
R: …can you see the faction logo?
C: It’s ours sir
R: …wha? …aight …I’ll do something crazy, but it’s worth it… I’ll try to distract them while you guys go around the other side
P: …that’s why Wesson didn’t want to leave you in charge.

(Panzer passes forward)
R: Panzer!!!

(Panzer is out, face to face with the two huge robots but nothing happens)
Destroyer: Identify yourself
P: Major Angelica Marshall
Destroyer: Idntification confirmed, congratulations for the promotion, specify the reason for the assault
P: Recovering body of Sub-Lieutenant Axton for recovery of vital Life Monger project information… requesting permission to return to base with the body and my full team.
Destroyer: Permission code
P: image the soldier’s horse, as the wind knows how to fly
Destroyer: Permission granted! Have a nice day
R: …wait, what? Major?!?
P: yes Ryker, I am one rank above you and you didn’t even know it.
A: and those things?
P: security drones
P: Calm down captain, back to base I’ll explain everything, for now worry that nothing happens to Axton
R: image …yes, sir…

[Returned to base]

(Panzer in the command room)
P: as you may have discovered, I am the Major of UAF and first in command of UAFA, Wesson had already predicted his defeat and promoted me in upper rank but kept it a secret until now.
Second Lieutenant Axton… was Wesson’s partner, after the accident he found her dying together with other soldiers and in order not to let them die he put them in different amniotic tanks, but something went wrong leaving her in a vegetative coma, while her body was dying the machines kept her brain active, at the moment, she is the only survivor.
Now her body is in a completely irreversible state, but we have recovered the old memories and have retrieved her LM armor, modernized it with astral Heronium and transferred her brain in there.

(Knock on the door and an Operator enters the room)
O: Sir, we are done
P: good

[the team heads into the hospital section of the base].

(They enter a room with a large moving cylinder in the center with white smoke coming out the sides)
P: it will definitely take some more time between therapy to adapt to the new body and psychological therapy… Are we ready?
O: Yes ma’am
P: good… well, Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce to you the world’s last Life Monger for now, Colonel Axton!

(the cylinder lowers letting seen the body).
R: I suddenly feel useless .
B: that armor is huge
N: But what happened to Oracle?

Axton: Gentlemen… Angelica… it’s a pleasure to be back in action.

Plus Ultra Absolute Tank Unit

  • UAFA Army elite troop, with the sole purpose of protecting the lives of their allies at all costs.
  • Because of their complex task, they were constantly undergoing intensive specialized physical and psychological training, and very often many soldiers would quit or die trying.
  • By now there is only one unit left alive, but due to the amount of armor in its possession it will be very difficult to send it off again.

Arcta Shield
Throw a shield with X health at an ally.
If the ally already has a shield, it will be recharged while the unused energy will bounce back to another ally.
The shield energy will continue to bounce until all allies have a shield.

Twilight Defense
Gets a super powered shield with X health that can absorb up to 85% damage and provocation for 40sec.
For each ally equipped with the shield, the hero gets X extra health and X armor.

  • 90% charge at the start of the game

03_Gold Damage allergy
when all allies have an active shield, the next damage taken will be distributed to all allies reducing it.

Shields will bounce enemy physical projectiles from one ally to another, strengthening them with each bounce and then being destroyed.

  • each projectile can bounce 3 times, each bounce has a 50% chance of destroying the projectile.
  • the shield can absorb 10% of the damage turning it into health for the hero but increases its damage by 20%.

Life Guard
At the cost of protecting their team, the Life Mongers knows that they must sacrifice their own life.
The hero constantly consumes his health to keep allies alive with at least 20% less than their total health.
If an ally dies, the hero consumes 50% of his total health to bring him back to life.

a brutal-looking armor droid.
All Life Mongers have the same armor, they only change a few cosmetics to differentiate them from each other.
It has enough armor to withstand several nuclear warheads.
Field tested, a bit radioactive but approved.

choose your favorite pattern or give me a new one because I can not decide myself

Her Weapon: MHK ULTRA
A huge automatic shotgun with 4 rotating barrels.
Although classified as a shotgun it is actually just a very large pistol, in dimensions is approximately the half of the arm-sword of Galante
Has an almost non-existent damage, but has a lot of ammunition, very accurate at long distances and an average rate.

Class: Shotgun
Fire Rate: 12.08
Ammunition capacity: 80
Reload Speed: 2 sec
Damage: non-existent

all icons are taken from around the forum, discord community server Discord and


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