[Joke] I have deciphered Howitzer's hidden message in the teaser... (DEFINITELY NOT CLICKBAIT)

I know what you might be thinking:

It’s the image is literally just the word “SOON” over a row of seven stars. What drugs are you on?

The latter may be true but here me out on the image…

As you can see, the image appears to be a typical teaser image. The word “SOON” very prevalent across the center hovering above 7 Stars.

Now of course, in the eyes of a normal Hero Hunters player, this image is simply a little teaser for a 7 Star Hero. The stars, of course, are identical to the Stars found in the Hero pages in-game.

However, the word and star combination serves to distract you from the background. The background is this image from the Fan Kit:

The image, by itself, serves as a clue - nothing about the background has anything of value. However, this shot is simply another angle for another image in the same setting:

What do these two images have in common? That giant defunct war machine leaning on the building. In-game dialogue does not explicitly enclose the nature of this war machine. Through quick deduction, I hypothesize that this war machine is an earlier prototype of the Gorgon:

Notice that both have a missile pod and a machine gun albeit with the Gorgon having updated models of both. Again, this is a distraction. What we really need to be focusing on is what other units are assisting the Gorgon when we run the mission to destroy it. One of the units especially:

The KLG Medic. The theme of Howitzer’s post is distraction so if we ignore the fact the KLG Medic is wielding an Assault Rifle identical to Ryker’s, we can deduce that either the Operator or the KLG Medic is another clue. Looking back at the previous image with the war machines:

I brightened and sharpened the darkened part and discovered:


Thank you for reading as we need more transparency from the developers.

this meme took way longer than it should to make im so sorry for making u guys read through this


I hate you :rofl: :fu:


This will be the first post to break 50 likes. I can see it

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I doubt it. I contribute nothing to this forum and my Alliance bar my existence.

Which, of course, is nothing.

I meant Kraterios post (You asked to be bullied in another post. I’m just helping. Don’t hate me for this :confused: )




I can neither confirm or deny the truth to this post, however, I approve of this theory.


I don’t hate you.

I really hate you. :heart:

Lol. Operator in a garbage bag. (In my eyes.) beautiful. Describes who he is and what he does.

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That’s half a bridal gown. Of course he’s beautiful anyway.


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Cut me some slack I haven’t been on this forum in ages :frowning:

Not a big deal, no worries. It was a humorous meme more than anything. Just something to keep in mind. :+1:

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