A puzzle to solve

Faced this team and timed out:


What are you using for dps? What should i be packing these days to tear through the extreme protection the meta is currently presenting?

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Surprisingly countering it with the same works. And to perform the damage neccesary I find the likes of Kunochi, Pris, Verrill, Ravager (when low HP) and even some situational heroes like Prophet nowadays to be extremely effective.
Prophet especially now deals absurd crits and his charged bronze can instakill nearly everything

Thank you. We’re in a weird phase of PvP right now. For the first time in forever that I can remember, every battle in the latest faction brawl ended in a tie. The Defence is very strong right now.

I appreciate your pointers towards strong Doing Damage characters that can punch through. I have a suspicion that SOMA might be a strong seal-the-deal DPS as well.

Oddly enough, Eruin has been my interesting counter-play as of late. She can effectively keep Morrigan from ever casting her lifelink the whole match. That is the kind of game changing effect that has been tipping the scales ever-so-slightly in my favour.

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