Aurora is some good .... fun!

Took her for a spin tonight. Added her to the lineup of Raven, Altera, Quasary & Morrigan. Main reason is she is only Gold lvl 61 and I felt it was necessary to have support to keep her alive. Plus, had to use Raven because… someone has to actually kill stuff.

Had one loss across “a lot of battles”. I didn’t count, but played PvP for 90 minutes straight.

Now the first comment would be something like, “yeah well, anyone with those 4 on the team would probably go undefeated.” - fair point, they’re a tough crew.

I was curious how the destined match against Marcus/Altera would go, and it was surprisingly even. It handed Aurora her first death.

The second time she went down, and the only full team loss of the night, was an all out back and forth match that I thought might run the timer. Our team cracked and toppled in the final 30 seconds.

And to really get a feel of who she is, I ran her solo. That was so much fun! I had 2 dupes out and she keeps her copies alive pretty well. Finished the match with her two mirror images running around helping even the outnumbered situation.

Looking forward to seeing what further things she is capable of.

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Hey, thank you so much for the feedback! Glad to see you’re enjoying her and hope you have even more fun exploring her potential as you upgrade her further :blush:

Got mine to Gold 4 and am still to get a good grasp of what she is capable of.

He’s definitely a good new character!



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