How tf do you beat Altera

Took a break from the game for about a year and a half and got back into the game a month ago. Have a level 99, 94, and 70 account, hundreds of PvP matches and I don’t think I’ve ever beaten an Altera team.

Stopped playing when there was about 2 void and astral heroes each, now they plague PvP and two thirds of them seem to be able to do damage, heal and sheild all in one kit, so when I face Altera it’s usually her paired with other Astral heroes as well but her specifically I’ve never beaten. Balanced teams or sandbagging, she still just infinitely sheilds the entire team. Heal block? Doesn’t matter she counters that, sandbagging with a ruby or Ronin, doesn’t matter her sheilds get off.

On my main level 99 account I can barely pvp either way because of every new hero astral and void hero since I stopped playing being borderline OP and everyone bars them out or rubies them at 5-7 stars still.


Altera- Quasary combo, More serious than I thought.

Spend that money to get a bigger altera.

She is strong. You might even say she IS the meta, around which the rest of the teams form. I’m acknowledging your post.

She can be taken out. So there is hope. I PvP a lot and am at the platinum level, no ruby heroes yet. That is the context from which this comes and your mileage may vary in the upper tier.

One of my favourite non-Altera teams of late is:

Eruin - she shuts down Altera completely. If you get good at using her you can consistently lock out three major threats, two for certain. Generally she babysits Lwa & Altera and the bad guys just kind of fizzle out.

Raven - someone has to do the killing. His bronze ability on Altera means the whole team ignores shields. This is nice. Sorry Marcus… you can passively shield using Altera all you want, she is going down.

Morrigan - because you need someone to keep the team up. Lwa dies in three to five seconds and Morrigan takes a lot longer to take out.

Quasary - you could argue that she is as much of problem as Altera, but she is squishy if focused and cannot perma-shield/heal in the same way. She is just great anti-spike, and paired with Raven will give any hero a chance to avoid the insta death.

Aurora - Just because she is the hero of the month. It’s nice that this is a flex-spot and you can change her out with your favourite “doing-damage” hero.

I’ll need another Ruby level expert to add to this conversation, since you indicated you are in that bracket. A big part of the fun for me is running groups that undo the meta and I have to believe there will always be a way in whatever field we find ourselves.


Yeah big problem is I only have Aurora out of all those heroes. Obviously the other strong void and astral heroes counter her, and Raven is super strong. So I just take Ls to all those heroes lol. Just gotta wait to seriously pvp until I get more of the meta heroes I guess.

Deca’s solution; Moneyz
Buy teh new and more op hero to beat other ones!

It’s a bit cynical to tack on an ulterior motive to game designers who seem to genuinely care about the direction they are taking the game.

The game design is very generous, and if you complete the daily missions offered, all heroes can be obtained without spending money.

15 shards a day times 14 days of events = more than the 165 needed to unlock each new hero. All it takes is some good networking and build a group to trade raids with.

I will honour the sentiment that you do need new heroes to beat the newer heroes. When each skill lately comes with tiny text a mile long… its going to outperform the old heroes whos platinum ability is, “do a few thousand more”.

The game is more exciting than it used to be. The very fact that all new heroes have a wider arsenal of attacks and heals actually takes the pressure off cookie cutter team load outs.

I regularly check the top tier, top 10 teams used for every PvP event. Altera was only in 4 of the top 10 teams this last event. That should add to the argument that the game is moving to a healthier place of diversity. (And just for giggles since it was the topic of another well discussed thread: Ravager didnt even appear in any team until 17th place ).

Its going to be ok. Just grind and good things happen. Keep up healthy discussions and learn how you might push back with the tools in front of you.

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I was gone for almost two years and the game was exactly the same. New heroes, strong heroes, and most were top power and top meta pvp. UI is the same, no new events, no new literally anything. With all the money they make from new strong and relevant heroes every release they have put ZERO into improving or changing the game. I was actually shocked everything was exactly the same when I came back.

Chats still are buggy, war is laggy, even all the same small annoyances are still there. New hero comes out, people get lucky, grind it, or buy it and usually hero is strong…rinse and repeat. Grinding is fine, and understandable if you don’t want to spend money, but if it’s the same grind, for the same thing, with no improvements on the horizon except to catch up to the people who spend money then what’s the point.

No new PVP bracket, no new raids, no new campaign additions and they keep reusing visual assets for abilities and all that. If they’re making all this money then wtf are they doing with it besides designing new heroes.

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I provide to you the solution to every single problem you encounter.
First of all, if you can, fight fire with fire.
But that doesn’t solve your problem of not being able to kill her and her team. Because what you need is enough damage.
So i present to you

Because what deals more damage than a straight up instant execute?
Just keep him as high level as you can and use one regular damage dealer alomg with 3 supports that make your team as unbreakable as you can and just wait until you can wipe her grin right off her face by taking her body and soul with you