A question about nightengale no one seems to have an answer for

i have a question about nightengales platinum skill, when it says any damage will interrupt the healing, does that mean the damage will permanently interrupt the healing or temporarily interrupt the healing and it starts back up when the hero stops taking damage?

i’ve had people on both sides, some say it’s temporary and some say it’s permanent and both are certain they are right, but i’m just wondering if anyone actually knows and not just from watching in a match if the healing starts again after the damage stops. i’ve been trying to pay attention and i just can’t seem to figure out which one it is, but i think it stops permanently or at least sometimes does on a glitch. one example that it’s not the latter and it just stops permanently is scums platinum skill. it has a similar healing skill but the language used in the description is much more clear that damage will pause the healing and it will continue when the damage stops. so why would they be so clear with scum but with nightengale be indirect. anyways, i seem to have this problem with a lot of skill descriptions as well as stats, but i’m assuming that’s because there’s so few players that actually pay attention to these details. anyway sorry to digress, so does anyone know the answer to nightengales platinum skill?

——— just wanted to add that i’ve looked up the definition of interrupt to see if maybe there was some literature to help me, and it doesn’t. it means to stop a continuous process, temporarily or permanently, so they can mean either or with the description of her skill.


Quoting yourself, awsome :rofl:

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If you get hit, it’ll start up again after 2-3 seconds of not taking damage. How is this so hard to answer?

how do you know it starts back up? and how long till it starts back up?.. and if it’s as simple as that why didn’t they describe it the way they describe scums platinum skill. that’s very clear while nights used a word that could mean either or… that’s confusing

thanks for that, at least someone else noticed the vague language used, you ever find out the answer?

City hall was where I noticed it best. Assuming you’re under 80% health, Night’s plat will work until you take damage or you hit 80% health. If you take damage and are still under 80%, it will start up again after about 3 seconds.