Platinum Phalax and the "per second" rant

There are some bad wording in this game making certain skills sound better than they are. Like Callidus gold skill; it does not heal her whenever an enemy is damaged - it heals her whenever she herself inflict damage to an enemy. Same with Salavtore, his gold skill triggers only when he himself damages an enemy.

However the “increase XXX damage per second” skills are the worst.

The criteria for Phalanx platinum skill is:
As long as no one on your team is dead all your team members get an increase of 500 damage per second, and a slab of health.
This of course made me think that you are constantly getting better and better firepower as the seconds tick on, that you after 10 seconds if you manage to keep everyone alive, will have a nice, murdering damage boost of approx 5000. I was wrong. The skill simply adds 500 damage to your DPS. It’s a one-time thing, it doesn’t increase as your mission goes on with everyone alive. They could just reword the skill to have it say “as long as everyone’s still live all allies heros get a silly non-notable fart of damage increase”.

I guess all this goes for Salvatore (Platinum), Nightingale (Silver) and Ifrit (Silver) as well so I should have noticed it before but too late, now I spent a week on gathering equipment for another Platinum skill that doesn’t do what I expected it too.

The health boost is still cool though.


I think my callidus is getting peppered with small heals specially when baron, ghoul, and maven are in the party. Just my imagination?

Yeah, when she herself shoots an enemy she’s getting 50% of the damage dealt back. Try starting a game but let her stand passively behind a cover and hence letting the other heroes do the shooting and you’ll see she doesn’t get any heals.
Her Gold skill should be re-written to: “Whenever this Hero damages an enemy, this Hero recovers Health equal to 50% of the Damage dealt” because in all honestly, I think the current wording is a downright lie.


I see… I only ever use her in gauntlet. will check after reset.

The words DPS is just let you know how it affects a characters damage. Nightingale shot takes time to fire up, so she gets a larger per shot one time increase to all of her damage vs Savage who gets smaller increase per shot damage increase, so everyone is actually affected in the same way. So yes, 500 DPS invreade over 10 seconds = 5000 additional damage if they can constantly fire, per character. The skills are actually pretty weak against the large health pool increases.

I agree that Callidus, Salvatore, and probably other heroes have a misleading choice of words for their skills.

But I personally never found the “increase damage per second” skills confusing, to be honest. Maybe it’s because in my language is better expressed, or because I’m used to people talking about “DPS” rather than flat damage. I just intuitively knew it meant DPS increase.

And Phalanx DPS increase is not that bad, in my opinion. She increases neutral damage by 5-10% per ally. Sounds good for a skill that also increases HP and can be active the whole battle.


Yep. Callidus only heals when she does the damage only. What a waste. I thought it was like butter’s when any shield is damaged. Wasted gold on that.