Interrupting "Stabilize"?

I actually never even saw this line of text in the “Stabilize” skill description (Nightingale’s Platinum skill) before:

Any damage taken will interrupt the healing effect.

Interrupt for how long? A second? 10 seconds? Until the end of the match / until the hero dies?

Remember, it’s for the players’ benefit to have no clue how skills work! That way, we can blindly invest effort into things without having any idea how beneficial it will be to us :joy:

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I see your point but I also don’t see the relevance of bringing up vague rebalance notes in this particular thread. I think the skill always had this risk of being interrupted and my guess is that several players have timed the interruption. :slight_smile:

The repost of the rebalance notes is 100% relevent. You asked a good question. Unfortunately we have no answer to it. Kraterios was just using the rebalance notes to explain why we don’t have an answer. It also serves as a gentle push move to the devs. For the record, I hope you get an answer. I’m curious, too.

This line was there from the beginning.

From my experience interruption is as long as a stumble. So about 1,5 seconds after the last damage taken you get healing again.

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I was going to try to record a match a watch it a few times to guesstimate. Looks look like you’re already on it. :smiley: Thanks for sharing.

She was my second platinum and I use her in PvP since then. I experienced her platinum a few 10.000 times. Enough to make get to know it :wink:

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yeah, i’m thinking the same.
for how long the skill will be refreshed and taking effect again?
for now i just assume the hero health needs to be above 80% again to be re-applied

and talking about gale,
i’m a bit confuse about her silver skill.
it says give more crit-chance and extra damage.
but is it applied only to the targeted enemy?or i still get the bonus even though i’m shooting different target (not locked-in)?

Regarding the plat only two rules are important:

  1. hero hp is less than 80 %
  2. hero suffers no damage

With the help of my alliance mate notoriouscrozz I found an estimate by having a mech 1v1 against gale.

Shooting her below 80 % and stopping to fire resulted in about a 1.5 sec delay to activity.
Shooting her again removed buff, only to reapply after the exact same time over and over.

I am not 100 % sure but the reapplication time is between 1-2 secs based on the 1v1, also observed by teammate.

Regarding the mark buff:

The damage buff is a positive buff on your team shown by the blue variant of the skill, and the stealth denial/mini taunt is a negative enemy debuff shown by the red variant. Can be purged by Heimlock and Phoenix.

The buff is applied for the whole duration against all enemies , regardless of target dying or cleansing the taunt

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@Duke_Zergem and @GTSaiko, thats really nice information good sir
thanks to you and your alliance mate

oh man thanks for that answer, sounds legit and gives me a great idea how to test it myself in a duel. but as far as the rebalance notes go, i don’t understand why they are so clear when describing scums platinum skill as opposed to nightengales. scums platinum skill makes scum recover a small amount of health continuously throughout the match and it specifically states “any damage taken will temporarily pause this effect” and i even think it says the healing will continue after the damage stops. but even without the latter detail the language used “temporarily pause this effect” is very direct. and night was an original hero while scum was one added after the worldwide release, just seems very odd they don’t want to give this information out. i mean there’s only a few ppl that would even be interested in it and they need it for strategic reasons. i guess i’m pointing out a bigger issue that this “stabilize” skill of nights seems to be a symptom of, but none the less thanks for the reply and taking the time to test the skill yourself and see the results. in a 5-5 match there’s too much going on to accurately say whether the interruption is permanent or temporary


Your hate towards Nightingale is amazing, now you even feel the need to necro posts to show it?

Play with moss or keel, they are amazing healers to, they can also revive a sick amount of health…