★The Hero Grade Guide★

Over the past three months I have been working on a project involving Hero Hunters. At first it started out as a small thing, taking a screen shot before I ranked up a hero, and evolved into a quest to complete each rank for every hero in the game. It’s been a tough task to accomplish as I started this project well into my days of playing and already had many heroes at different ranks.

With the help of the community, I’ve finally manged to gather the set of items each hero needs at every rank starting with green up to platinum.

Hero Guide


This document is in alphabetical order with links to each heroes set of ranks. I have also added sections for the newest hero and the heroes in the current months faction. As of right now, each hero will have their Green through Platinum rank filled in with the name of the item required, the spot you will equip it in, and the color of the item. On each indiviual hero page, there will be a link at the top that will take you back to the main list. (This seemed to be the easiest way when viewing on mobile through the forums in game.) I plan to continue this list as new heroes come out and when this thread is published I will be starting to look for platinum stripes for all heroes.

Now for a few fun stats that have come out of this project:


You will need a total of 4823 completed items to rank all heroes from Green to Platinum

The easiest heroes to make Platinum: Hardscope, Elite Rifleman, Heimlock.

The hardest heroes to make Platinum: Sapphyr, Cinder, Panzer

The average amount of each color item is:
Only one hero matched the average amount of items for all 4 colors, Castellan.

45% of oracles items after hitting silver rank will be silver. Almost 75% of the items Cinder and Sapphyr need after hitting gold rank will be gold.

Once again, thank you to everyone who has helped in anyway with compiling this list. People that have helped me outside the game whether through email, forum pms, discord, or line have been noted at the end of the document. Anyone that I have missed by name know that I do truly appreciate the help and also keeping my interest in this game. If any one would like more stats/specific heroes to be listed feel free to ask or if you have any questions im happy to answer as well!


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wow, this is amazing. Thank you!


This should be pinned and/or included into the wiki

Amazing work for sure :+1:

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Thanks guys!

Just a small change for the future. Heroes that have every rank entered (meaning green through the highest obtainable rank in the game) will be in Green lettering. Heroes that are still missing one or more platinum bars will be in Blue lettering.

Small semantics argument but the title (“Hero Ranking Guide”) makes it sound as if the guide is about the ranking of heros values relative to one another, ie a list of heroes from best to worst. Perhaps a change to something like “Hero Upgrade Guide” might clear that slight ambiguity up :slight_smile:
Aside from that, this is great and was something I used (and contributed to!) when I started playing and some heroes couldn’t be platted very easily because their items weren’t farmable shudder or weren’t attainable until farther in the campaign


Fair point, I’ll change it up!


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Here’s more


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Absolutely awesome work! The community is lucky to have someone as dedicated as you! Thanks as always for all the work you put into this; it’s a massive benefit to new players and veterans alike!


@Benched - I don’t see prophet on the google doc main page. Is that somewhere, just not linked?

Yes I know hes missing, At the time of posting this thread I had someone who I thought was going to send me the remaining grades I needed but it fell through, as soon as I find them he will be added to the list.

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Ok thanks! Just making sure it wasn’t an oversight

Prophet has finally been added. That is now every heroes rank from green to platinum.

Additionally, 7 heroes now have all ranks from green to platinum 3 entered. Those heroes will be in green lettering so you are able to tell them apart from one who are not done yet.

As always, thanks for everyone’s contributions to filling in these ranks! Would not be able to do this without you all!


We shall be sure to change all the recipes to give you something to work on.


I’d strongly prefer just adding the next platinum grade for the sake of my sanity. :smiley:

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Kobold has been added along with changing faction hero to patriots for anyone looking to work on them for the coming month.

Edit: Found how much it would cost to craft every item Kobold needs from green to plat, added it to her sheet. Is this something worth doing or would be beneficial for you guys to have for everyone else?

Yes, then we can add it to this to find out how much total gold we need to fully max all heroes in game, including grade, stars, and skills.

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Okay! Ill get working on it soon, probably will be done in groups so I dont get burnt out but you will start to see the totals added to each heroes page!

Still not pinned?

It is sad to see such great work going down into the abyss. It i such a help for new and experienced gamers, that it should be avaliable, without expicity searching for it.