"Quickdraw" got a stealth nerf? (Edit: it did not but I found a display bug)

Look at this guy with his 10* Platinum Clyde wearing a hat:

What’s up with that?

It seems now this thread should be a bug report. Any skill observed from the (VIP) chat displays the skill power at level 1. :slight_smile:
Clyde did NOT receive a stealth nerf. Just a hat.

It’s not only the chat, also skills in the preparation screen(campaign, PvP, raids etc) also the enemy info is show wrong, example 10-10 Hardscope dealing 23k damage with his rocket isn’t right

I think we should have a report thread every patch, so we can pinpoint bugs and their causes more accurately.

I know that’s supposed to be Support’s job, but the more detailed info we give them, the easier and faster they should be able to fix the bugs, so I don’t know why it would be bad.