Hero while "Silenced" status

Hello fellow Hero Hunters!!

Question about a hero being in silenced status, is it normal for them to stagger on “flinch” when they attempt to fire? I know the hero cannot use their skill while silenced but they should be able fire their weapon normally? I play manually and seemed to notice this alot, If someone please let me know, much appreciated

They stagger wheen their cover is broken. Does this may happen to you? I have no other explanation.

There are a lot of staggering effects. And none of them are directly related to silence, as far as I know. (As Poogblog just pointed, Caine’s Counter Measure staggers AND silences)

There are heroes that have passive staggering, like plat Mandrake or gold Sentry. As WalleWu pointed out, heroes are also staggered if their cover is broken.

If this happens to you consistently because of silence, you should contact support ingame. They can access to records of your battles and see what may be causing it.

What comes to mind when I read your post is Caine’s [Counter Measure].
When Caine uses his Silver skill, he throws these 3 golden balls that float over one of his ally’s heads. If you attack an opponent with these over their head, you will be Silenced and staggered up the 3 times in a row.

Most annoying skill ever. You got the hero nearly down and then get staggered and silenced, before you can kill him :unamused:

But this would be the most apt reason, if he gets staggered once and again, while attacking. Given that his cover Brakes and he is hit by a skill, he could be staggered for seconds, without a chance to launch an attack

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