I’m extremely bad at composition and I can’t seem to find a team that works without kurtz :upside_down_face:

A little help?

Well team composition and meta relies heavily on what stage of the game you are at? What power do you play at? What level are your heroes upgraded to?

Team lvl 77 top 5, 60k around 500k total power top 16 all plat with more or less matching skills most are 8,7,or 6 star with one 9 star

For the current event I’ve been using Harbinger, Kurtz, Halo, Kreiger, and Flatline or Phalanx. A mix of 4+ bar Plats and Harbinger and Kreiger at ruby.

This grouping works well because many of their abilities feed off one another. Everyone knows Halo’s lighting, which is triggered by abilities and skills. Kurtz’s plat causes a DoT effect whenever one of your heroes is killed, this can trigger Halo’s lighting and it also can trigger Kreiger’s gold, which also triggers Halo’s lighting, which can retrigger Kreiger’s gold…

I think you get the picture…

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KURTZ:Level 1’s lives matter!

In general, try to use a combination of 2 damage dealers, 2 support/healers, and 1 tank. Finding good heroes to pilot is also helpful. It’s also prudent to vary your elemental composition so you don’t get wiped by a team with a superior element.

I call them Team Rekt, it consists of… :upside_down_face:

Kurtz, Krieger, Halo, and the 2 level 1 or low hp heroes :sunglasses:

Because AI bots tend to kill the weakest hero. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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