Accidental Gold Crate purchasing wiped out months of gold, and my will to play

It’s been a good run, I’ve enjoyed writing up the PvP tier lists and participating in discussions about this game… but I’ve lost almost all of my gold savings (5k gold) due to “pocket dialing” crates in some cruel twist of fate. I know it’s silly but losing months of gold without any way to get it back is just crushing.

This complaint has been around as long as the game has, HHG addressed some of it by adding confirmation screens to store restocks and special deals, but the standard crates continue to be 1 bump away from emptying your savings.

Ironically, as I was doing testing to see how it was possible to buy crates by pressing a single location on the screen, I accidentally bought ANOTHER gold crate simply by pressing the gold crate icon at the very bottom of its boundary… the game registered my finger-press as a double-tap and so it opened the gold crate screen AND immediately bought one because you can have the same area of the screen both open and purchase the gold crate. Needless to say, the idea that I can still burn away precious gold so easily has destroyed any willpower I had for trying to save up more gold.

I’m disappointed but not surprised that this would happen eventually. The gold crate itself is a joke, accidentally spending gold is never going to be a good experience but blowing it on a crate that seems to be designed to be a massive waste (over one-third of drops are XP and silver power cells) is just salt in the wound. I don’t know what came out of those crates but they’re such a bad value that I can’t even tell a difference in my Frag or Gear counts, I think that was the tipping point for me deciding to do something else with my time.

I can only say,
sad to hear! However I am not sure this needed a thread as we can’t to much about it.
We can discuss it I guess so I’m gonna start:
Why did you test how to mistakenly spend your gold like that to begin with? I can’t see how it could happen by mistake.

If your topic is closed, don’t create an identical one. Not appropriate behavior.