Maybe add a “Are you sure” pop up in the crates

Sometimes when I’m clicking really fast in the crates section, I have a tendency of clicking the wrong crate and buying the wrong one (especially the gold crate). This is really annoying as there is no way to get the gold back and have to work for it again. That is quite a struggle when you are lacking gold for a specific crate and maybe the time for the crate is almost up. Please Devs, add an “Are you sure” pop up in the crates


Brought up before happened to me as well. They have no plan in the future to add it


U gotta slow down on tapping. I did this 2 times in 1 month by complete accident. So I know the frustration. As much as it sucks it’s no fault other then your own. :call_me_hand:t2:

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I know it’s my fault on being too hasty but it sure would be nice to have a safety if I misclicm again

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Yes chests need a confirmation popup for sure. I once bought 10 gold crates for 1000 gold on accident. Confirmation popup would have stopped that.

They have it when you don’t have enough hero’s to go into pvp or campaign. I don’t see how they can’t do it for crates or spending gold as well

I AGREEEE! Please… Same problem.

Confirmation box please…

I think we are supposed to share how we feel about it and not a solution. I have accidentally purchased a 10 crate for 3600 gold while preventing my phone from falling to the ground. I caught it with a finger pressed on purchase 10. While I’m glad I didn’t shatter my phone, I was very upset about the accidental purchase. Whenever we accidentally purchase something we don’t intend to purchase, we feel cheated of our hard-earned money especially when we use cash to purchase gold deals. We feel stupid and clumsy and ultimately, angry that there isn’t a way for us to prevent such accidental purchases. We would like to avoid such easily triggered purchase buttons by having an extra screen to warn us of the purchase so we could exit out of it if it is an accidental click.


Plus do the 5* hero token crate and the most wanted token from the 1st milestone. Do they expire?

Yes please add an, are you sure you want to spend gold on this, pop up…2700 gold on a bunch of doubles is not what I want to spend my gold on by mistake…I know it’s my fault ,but accidents do happen. So come on guys please help us with this, we spend so much money on your game, help us out with this little option. Thanks ,hope I will see this option for us in the future…

This is a sure thing to be added on the crates unless is a matter of profiting without the player wanting to buy something. I was getting the kelpt crate and I was just quickly pressing it. Now in between I got a vault token and that crate appears so crate got pushed and then the next think I saw I had purchased a 10x marianas crate without wanting to spend 2700 gold. So developers should answer this. Is it that difficult for you to add are you sure as if it is I’d say no worries as once in a while won’t kill us but not happy about it. Or is it just a trick that you not adding that?

They won’t and probably will just close it without a response as usual

Flatline’s resurrections doesn’t work for post too

Sarcastic instead of trying to see the point of what I am saying. Hero collaborator for what. So you can take a micky out of players. The mirror of what you saying should make understand how great you all are to fix things on interest of everyone ours and yours too. We get the best of the game happy and long keeping this game up. Nice you have time to think about flatline. She has a stunning look.