Comformation for crate purchases

Please add a “are you sure you want to buy this” I just accidentally bought 1000 gold crate (I save only for tiered crates since Apple no longer has tapjoy offers) I was trying to get my free silver crate and as I close the app accidentally clicked it and have no idea even what was in it because I was closing the app

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Contact support through the game but I think there will be nothing to do

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I completely agree. The same thing happened to me with the same crate…I was pissed. All because of lag in the game

absolutely right and it was happen with me too im saving my gold for 10× crate opening after collecting the 2700 golds im go in shop and there is also bounty crate is available so for curiosity of drop pecentage of im opened bounty crate clicking on crate icon and accidentally opens crate and waste my 400 gold.

I once fell asleep, the phone in my hands I mistakenly buy 10 gold case

:cry: :rofl:

Talking about crates we do have a lot of skin tokens and nanodust. But no skin have been released from long now. What’s happening with that?

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