Accidently opening gold x10

There should be some confirmation pop up asking if you really want to spend 1000 gold to open x10 gold crates. I have tapped on that twice by mistake when trying to open the free gold crate and spent 2000 gold that I definitely did not want to use.


Yes please gold please

Up Up!! Confirmation button…

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Just want to say “confirm buttons” please. Accidents and distractions happen all the time.

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Sadly, I think this was intentional. It puts the blame on you for not clicking on the correct button, while they make money from all those “mistake” pushes. This happened to me and a friend more than once and is incredibly frustrating, it’s basically throwing 15-20$ down the drain. I think game teams are starting to adopt this method due to the success of accidental button pushes.

I’ve never made an accidental purchase. Hard to do so on the Crates when you have to literally tap on the Crate then tap on the option (1x or 10x) you want to buy. That second step along is basically your confirmation button.

I assume people have posted similar threads before but there really really really needs to be a confirmation button for these gold crates.

The fact that there is no confirmation and the buttons are so close together (very very easy to press Open 10" when pressing on a small phone screen) almost makes me wonder if this was done intentionally.

This just happened to me about 5 minutes ago. My finger was off about 2 mm to the right. This is a ton of gold to lose for such an easy to commit error. I submitted a ticket and hope that my gold is refunded. Have no problems having the junk items I received from the ten crates taken away.

I accidentally bought a opperator that way when I first started, I was watching a movie and out of nowhere I see some guy jump out of the air and I unlocked him :joy::joy::sob::sob:


That was the other thing, those pop ups. Me and my friend BOTH accidentally purchased Steele, that stupid pop up pops up outta nowhere. By the way, is there a place where you can submit a ticket to have the 10 gold box purchase refunded?

Refunding the gold for 10x seems tricky specially if let’s say you used frags and evolved a hero, or used parts and promoted a hero. My best guess is that they won’t give the gold back… but if they do, let me know cause I need to put 2 tickets then… happened to me twice to my dishonor and disgrace

A refund will be hard to do, let’s say you get 10x 20 Artemis nobody would complain(I know this doesn’t happen but best case scenario) and if you try your luck and it didn’t work you send in a ticket.

I do agree on the confirmation button, it would really prevent everyone with stupid a stupid slip up

For me personally, I would NEVER intentionally open 10 gold crates, under ANY circumstances. I can never justify spending that much gold instead of saving it up for 10 hero crates. 1000G is a tad more than 1/3 of the way from saving enough gold to buy 10 Hero crates (2700G).

yea, the sad thing is I was at 2570 gold. Little over 100 gold away from a ten hero crates.

As frustrating as it is. Asking for a refund is totally not cool. People would take advantage of this. Mistakes can happen to anyone… Just be patient and careful next time.

Asking for a refund is not cool? I think I get your point, however poorly it comes across. Given that this was obviously unintentional and HHG almost seems to set people up to make this mistake, I don’t see how they could somehow be at fault for asking for a refund. Sure, it can be avoided, and has been for the 200+ times I clicked correctly. But given that we click that free gold crate every single day, over the course of time, the chances of misclicking at least once become pretty high.

Instead of accusing people of being “uncool” you could have just said “i can understand why HHG would have a difficult time giving refunds.” same point, far less dick.


More or less dick, it is uncool. Unless it is a microtransaction gone wrong then refund is in place. I’m not sure if you noticed, but a lot of mobile games are like this. Wrong press, boom! you lose your premium currency.

As a gaming community, we give suggestions and discuss about the game to the devs. A good thing that the devs here are reading our comments to improve the game.

Really? You’re going to call someone a dick? He is highlighting a flaw in the game, people spend a lot of time accumulating gold to open hero crates. You don’t work for HH, you don’t know what they are capable of doing.

  1. Do work for HH?
  2. Did I call Him a dick?
    No, just continuing his sentance.
  3. Is he right we need a confirmation button?
    Yes, 100% we do need the confirmation because as u mentioned we spend a lot of time accumulating gold to open hero chest not to waste it on 10x gold chest.

Ok, original comment reads weird. Sorry and thanks for the breakdown. :joy:

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No problem man. No hard feelings. :grin:

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