Confirm Purchase Button

Today I went to collect my free gold crate, and miss tapped. Resulting in a loss of 1000 gold. It would be helpful to have a confirm button so that these accidents do not occur, and my gold is not wasted on a 10x gold crate.


I’m sorry HH but this is poor customer service, you are doing almost everything else correct with the game, I’ve already spent money to buy this gold but I get more than frustrated when a trap make me loose it. I really don’t understand that you would make your customers upset by not sorting this out, feels like a short term gain and a long term loss… VIP chat and other friends in the game responded with similar incidents and frustration… please fix

Thats not poor customer service. Thats the answer you would get in ANY game with lootboxes, to avoid people trying their luck and claiming they “made a mistake”.

The real problem is not the lack of a refund, is the lack of a confirm button. And they already told you in that message they appreciate your feedback and will look into it.

Let’s hope it comes with the next update. I’ve never had this problem, but I know I may tap the wrong button, since I have sausage fingers.

Ive been working with customers for 30 years, this is poor customer service. I’m not asking for my money back, I’m asking for my gold in game back, and this is just a small fraction of the gold I’ve purchased. Maybe I wont be spending more money on the game? Maybe I will share my frustrating experience with others? The annoying element is that the 1000 gold buy 10 crates is next to receive 1 free crate so it feels like a deliberate setup were me and others press the wrong button using a phone, is that good customer service? If there was a confirm button and I did not get my money back from buying a crate I would agree, but it is not…

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