Add a Confirmation Message when Purchasing

It is way too easy to accidentally purchase 10x crates. I don’t even like buying crates so accidentally spending 3600 gold on the Frontline crates is just painful. I was looking at it, my finger slipped, next thing you know, 10x bought. It would be helpful to have a confirmation notice. Shouldn’t be that hard to add such a message right? “Confirm purchase?” “Yes or no”

I know this has been presented before and has been closed with no resolution. Unless the intention is to capitalize on the prevalence of such accidental purchases then I guess that is one way to make easy money. Thanks for taking the time to consider this request. Would be nice to know why this hasn’t been implemented yet.


I’ve already brought this up months ago. They weren’t going to do it then doubt they will now

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Thanks Kyle. It just helps prevent a whole lot of grief for the players and HH Support so it is kind of odd why it has to be such a struggle to implement. Kind of like how we click the co-op reset button and it goes to another screen we can cancel out of. It helps prevent accidental purchases.

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I just did the same thing as well. It sux same with the use all button for quick win of missions. That one is probably the dumbest button they have.

Lav… I agree with you 100%… this happened to me last month and I was devastated:(

I honestly do not understand how this can happen. My account is now 642 days old and I’ve never bought anything “accidentally”.

(Question 1: Are you sure you want to buy this box, yes - no Question 2: Are you really sure you want to make this purchase yes - No. Question 3: Should you change your mind again, you can now Question 4: You are about to buy this box now, finally yes - no … too late, bought)

I never buy 10x crates so yes, my finger literally slipped and accidentally clicked it. There was no intention of buying it at all. Not even one crate. Just looked to see the contents, then moved to click out of it, and next thing you knew, I almost dropped my phone, and boom, accidentally bought 10x crates.


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