Add option to remove new created accounts after reinstall the game or clear game data from device

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I think he is asking for an option in game, not a go around with Google Play. The best way HH would do this is by asking to loggin with Google and load the saved account as soon as the app is opened after reinstall. That would avoid the creation of so many unecessary accounts. I have at least 10 of those at level 1.


Thanks for tips. I did not know this :wink:
Do you know by chance how to do it with Facebook?

Exacly!!! I tryed that and didnt work, when i connect again with same google play account that problem persist

You can always recover from the first screen when you reinstall, which keeps you from having to create a new teamID and go through the tutorial. That being said, there’s currently no way to dissociate accounts. The number of times it’s become a problem is too low for it to be something worth routing a programmer to, when we have new content to work on instead. I’ll pass along the feedback, but I can’t promise anything, as it’s a low priority.

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I think that depends on the device, I use Huawei and so far I haven’t been able to recover the account without going to definitions and loggin to Google Play.

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