“ERROR - This save belongs to a different install”


I can’t open the game right now. When I try, I’m greeted instead with this rather worry-inducing screen. I haven’t tried clicking ‘Yes’ yet for obvious reasons. Clicking ‘No’ reloads the app before returning to the aforementioned error message.

Anyone ever seen this before…? Or have any idea for how to fix it?

@Papa_Marsh, have you linked your account to GooglePlay/GameCentre or Facebook?

@Huginn I’m not sure, to be honest (sorry I know that’s not helpful at all). It would be uncharacteristic of me NOT to link it to something, but I don’t remember doing so.

Just to update the topic. We resolved the issue in private messages. Papa_Marsh has access to his account again



Thanks for the help!

I’d freak if I saw that message lol, glad y’all got it fixed for Papa Marsh quickly.

The same thing is happening to me right now!!! Please help…

Hi Bill, send in a ticket to support and they can help you find your account!

Hi Skathi!

Thank you for your prompt response :smiley: I just want to confirm that I should delete and reinstall the app?

Thank you,

If you’ve connected your account to your Facebook or Google Play/Apple ID, then you should be able to recover your account.

You can find more info here: https://hotheadgames.helpshift.com/a/hero-hunters/?s=account-recovery&f=how-do-i-restore-my-account-progress&l=en

If you need to contact support, you can email support@hotheadgames.com

Hi Skathi!

Thank you so very much for your help! I am going to give it a shot… I am so nervous I will not be able to access my account… I have heard horror stories. I did connect to Facebook so hopefully it will be easy to recover…

Thank you again,

If you’re connected to FB, you shouldn’t have any issues at all. If it creates a new account for you when you re-download the game, just connect that account to the same FB and you’ll be able to freely switch between your main account and the new level 1.

Thank you Papa :smiley: So, just deleted the app and re opened it… for some reason it is giving me the exact same error message… Should I delete and restart my phone? I have no idea what is going on here… :weary:


One other question… when this happened to you Papa… did u select “Yes” or did you just delete the app and reinstall?

Thank you,

Alright so I did a quick dive into my messages. I did click Yes to that message. It felt weird and I was worried about losing my account, but it worked as I described above. You’ll create a fresh new account. Once you link that account to FB, you’ll be able to switch back to your main.

Hi Papa!

Yes, I too am nervous :weary: Ok, I will select yes… thanks a million for all of your help!


Hip Hip Hooray :smile: I am officially typing from my recovered account!!! Thank you so very much for walking me thru :smile: Papa!!!

Skathi, thank you for your prompt response to my post! I literally was about to have a heart attack :weary:

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you :smile: