Add Astrals and Voids to Traverta Brawls? (Unpopular Opinion?)

Should they add the astral and void heros (basically already FF heros) to the “Traverta Brawl”?

The lack of heals only coming from venom (thanks for giving her a crate btw!!! She helps a lot!) and no sheilds plus heros like barricade and warden having no hitbox when reloading (which for warden is 70% of the time if u spam it) makes it hard to win this brawl,

But most importantly; What Do You Think?
( Drop a comment on the subject below and lemme know what y’all think! )

I don’t think so. But on the other hand it lacks variety. Adding heroes that are likewise in their capabilities does seem like a good idea. But it’d need a new name that fits because it’s not really terraventa then

Well we have seen heros like “Sheshen”, maybe a frontline kobold or butter type hero would be nice!

Bad idea. Because this will transform into Stygiafest. Current status is ideal. I like only Terraventa format. Best new event from DECA.

About heal – except of Venom faction have Elixir and Barricade which got pretty decent and quick heal. Plus self-healing heroes like Jackal or Stratus. And very funny hear about Venom crate – she is available in crates for guilded tokens, lol. Almost from start.

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