Brawl: Faction Fight


While we put the finishing touches on the update :soon:, why not jump in-game for a good old PvP Brawl? :smirk:

The event starts tomorrow, May 18 and runs through May 21. Faction: Teraventa.

See you in-game!

Well thanks for keeping events running while we wait, I reckon it will keep people going


it’s good to think of us and I would like us to improve the black market shop inside it should have only rare things but no that’s not it so thought of improving it in a future update

Can u please add events that will give ruby mk cores as reward. With the lack of update there is a sharp decline in events such as solo raids; bounty solo rewards; pvp solo rewards; cores from bounty and thus make it difficult for level 100 members to upgrade heroes. Please note such events were the only source for ruby cores and its not available in campaign. Lack of update is not the biggest issue; but lack of resources which we usually get from events such as ruby cores; disappearance of speciality crates.
Thank you for your sincerity; transparency and effort put in to game; but kindly adress isssues like this that may be? solvable even without updates.

It’s just not okay to delay the update and have nothing to fill the gap. We hope you enjoy it!

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Any specific ideas are welcome. I would be interested to read them.

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Duly noted. Thank you for the honest feedback!


Hey @bulls.eye ! Noticed you have been reading some comments and though I would ask something, currently, the void hero stygia is having problems in pvp, she is to , well, unfair, she has a sheild in the millions with no cooldown, and her stun can be spammed stunning any enemy for the entire match, it’s quite frustrating, could you look into maybe making the stun a silence, and giving the sheild a cooldown? Ty! -Basher

Basher i understand you are having trouble with Stygia. But you have been pushing it on multiple topics on the forums and also on then discord and in vip. We get it. The message is spread, the issue is know. No need to push it off a cliff bud

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Haven’t brought it up with the devs yet, it’s a problem, it really needs to be adressed, it’s not me who’s having problems with her, it’s a lot of people, but especially on the lower levels, the only people who normally don’t want a nerf either have or maxed or have her in general, weather a nerf or a refund and revamp, I don’t care at this point, I just want some form of balance, but really, the root of the problem stems from the current extreme, I understand it’s supposed to be hard, but as of right now, some levels are luck based and cause some more layers trouble passing them, they might need to be looked at and changed a little, something to make it possible at least, that way: extreme can be possible; stygia can be changed; and everyone can be happy,

A developer has responded to one of your posts…

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They have? Where so? Do you mean the one on your thread?

:slight_smile: I’ll stop when stygia stops.

Edit: or if Clyde gets a buff lol

You bashing your opinion into other’s faces won’t help it happen faster or happen at all. DECA is informed about her being a problem. Whether you keep complaining or not doesn’t matter. You’re only getting people who start getting very pissed off by your constant bashing. Do it for your own sanity if not for us

As it stands, right now she is a problem, I push it because if no one does nothing will happen, I’ll lighten up on it, I was unaware they knew she was a problem at all, sorry mellow, just tired of this, just wish more of the matche required skill and not the loadout, I’ll keep things like this over on my thread as it belongs there, honestly stygia is just so controversial man, there’s a good point of all sides, see you around mellow! Have a great day!

This is a thread about the brawl faction, in which Stygia is not included. I am on the verge of flagging it as off-topic since this all isn’t about the brawl anymore. Please just act mature and move on, at least on this thread

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Will do mellow, just wanted stygias prob to be heard, that’s all, I’ll stick to the thread next time,