The new Brawl is full of Surprise n Fun

I like that this event is short. No burden. A great experimental environment in trying new combinations. We need this kind of creativity in game. :rainbow::sparkles:
(I laughed so hard got killed by an opponent using bucket the first round I step in the arena. :laughing:)


Finally someone said it! I really love this brawl too. Like most others this one is (sorta) balanced. All elements have good advantages. It’s chaos from the start.
I have already found a setup that is unbeatable though. Like actually unbeatable


It seems great, but it looks like Mech heroes have half their fire rate, not double like it’s supposed to.

The new brawl is full of trash, contest of broken characters and completely kill this dead game. First Deca bring endless servers issues, now they start kill game modes. What fun in endless spam of skills? This is don’t have any challenge. This is joy only for 5 year kids, cheaters and skillless players. Stop this. Buffs/debuffs is ok, but not this trash. I completely don’t surprised what this is fun for those who said, what Stygya don’t need nerf. XD

Brawls have become the best PvP mode with their randomized advantages and buffs. A great break from the monotony of normal PvP.


Yeah, you right, but all this need don’t become in madness. I see statistics of my alliance – only few peoples play at this time. Even with gold in rewards.

Not everyone likes pvp and not everyone dislikes pvp with very different rules

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