Poll time! Pick a side - Astral or Void?

Hello Hunters!

Soon you will be able to obtain more frags to raise the stars of your Astral and Void heroes! Stay tuned for more on that later today. :eyes:

Since those have been a recent topic of discussion both in the community and within the team, we wanted to know which side you are on!

Astral or Void - time to choose!

Let us know which of our Heroes from both elements are your favorite in the comments as well.

  • Astral
  • Void

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Astral all the way. Got better concepts than void.


Void, i like the darker theme. Always been a big fan of KLG. They seem to all be somewhat insane driven by their exposure to raw heronium. My favorite Void is Keir, i like his overall design, weapon and the idea behind his kit.
For Astral, probably Luciana because she is badass, but i like granny just as much because she is that one tough cookie still out there fighting for the cause instead of going into retirement

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I vote astral only because we have more of those

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I think both are good in their own ways, and while I use more astral than void heroes, I still think void is the better of the two

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I prefer void more because of that darker theme. It looks more cool than any other.

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Although void has the goddess Stygia, my vote goes to the superior light faction Astral.

Astral For ever ever ever

What can I say purple and black go well together…

Haven’t seen enough void heros for me to like them,
A l though enigma is easily my favorite compared to any of the astrals, but combined astrals are cooler, they got more of em and better stories and abilities,

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Void is my favorite, but at the last update we got quasary she is one of my best astral hero but i always vote for void they looks amazing my top voids are stygia and enigma they make a good team.

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I vote Void because I feel it has more potential. Right now Astral is a little better, but I feel void could shine as like a debuff faction with unique effects.

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Tbh I’m a big fan of passive augmentation skills so at current glance, Astral heroes have a good number of heroes that do that but if I’m being realistic, excluding Stygia, void heroes do have pretty awesome augmentation skills as well.

I voted Astral but Void shouldn’t be underestimated… we have seen their full potential yet.

PS: frankly, this poll is baised, how can we make a fair assessment when the hero count for both Astral/Void is not balanced

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I love Void Heroes but unfortunately I don’t even have one yet the whole year.

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That is a valid point, thank you for sharing!

Void, because they are so powerful

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