Airplane mode Exploits

Hello there,

I am Incognito - currently commander of “We Are One” alliance (251).

Following up on w4L post - i had to state my experience and knowledge about this issue.

This is not about attacking any player or alliance. Its about keeping the game as fun and as fairly competitive as it can be.

The airplane mode exploit work and i too have sent several messages to developpers about it with screenshots about how exactly its done. I even tried it myself on multiple occasions and yes only then have i met some players that continuously use it. To be clear on this and why it is considered not fair - i can easily win a pvp if i use it all the time as u will only meet bots or occasionally players that are using the exploit which makes ur lives last much much longer than when u do pvp regularly and meet too many people who takes away lives of ur hero even if u win.

I hereby stand by w4L for what this exploit means to keep competition fair and fun thus i am urging developpers to take immediate action on it. At least take away possibility of matching if game is not fully connected to the internet then u can take all your time to investigate players and take suitable actions vs each. Solve the problem please.

On another hand - i personally have not seen or heard of any automatic programs that match u continuously on pvp so i cant personally have a say on that side of the story.

Remember - this is not to attack any player or alliance - we want this game to flourish and expand - and only way there is by keeping its integrity. Hey

We Are One


@Incognito very well said bro. I stand by that statement as it gives an unfair advantage to those who choose to use this exploit . Please HH, take this matter very serious.

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The devs said they’re looking into this issue. No need to continue making threads about this.


When something on this scale is happening, i would’ve expected hhg to already have taken swift actions , if not to reprimand the players but to atleast put a prevention method on to stop further exploitation , im completely stumped tht its been a few weeks since the incident was reported and no actions were taken .

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My airplane mode is only ever on when I’m travelling - and HH does not work at those times as it needs an internet connection. Am I missing something???

But yes I’m in agreement if people are finding loopholes…

Again, not accusing anyone, but to clarify.

There are Android Emulators that allow you to play the game on a desktop. This isn’t something that I’ve tried first hand, but this is also not speculation, this is something that have been discussed openly on the unofficial Discord in the past, and have been done with troubleshooting guides and screenshots.

As for the automatic programs, this is where the speculation lies, as I have only heard of this from the admission from people who have been banned already for another exploit, or have quit the game. But I can say as someone who has written End-to-End tests for Web Apps, it would be pretty easy to create and run a script that would allow you to click through targets.

@Tunamelt that’s exactly how u get a program to get u into fights :wink: thanks for clarifying that part too. So now everyone knows what I was talking about and concerned about, and I hope the issue gets fixed soon. Because this is ruining fun in the game.

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Hey guys,

Always use the search function to check for similar threads before you post. The other thread about this issue contains information about what to do if you want to report this issue, but as we’re working on it, and have locked the other thread, please do not open additional topics about this issue, and everybody, please review the FAQ and guidelines. You’re all expected to adhere to those!