Hours and hours of grinding

Hi HHG, so I came to the realization last night as I sat down to start my hours of grinding away to get to a top spot in pvp. I’m tired of this aspect of the game. It’s not even about skill it’s simply who can put in the most time. I for one will not be doing this week in and week out anymore, I’ll hit one up once and a while, but there has to be a better way to do events that isn’t all consuming of my time…



@Gabrael, thanks for your feedback I’ll direct it towards the correct people!

AMEN Brother :innocent:

maybe improve the automatic system between all heroes and add pvp with only automatic battle, i agree with that it’s fun to play but after 50-100-150-200 games per day i’m sad to dont found a decent system auto in pvp.

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for most other games I would agree with you, but this game is actually fun to control while playing. if pvp were purely auto that would take a lot of the fun out of it and winning games would largely be based on luck (if your heroes happen to focus fire another, or if you get lucky in the rock, paper, scissors draw) etc.

@YNSRxName What would the point of playing be if it were purely auto?

I would just advise to setup a limited amount of lives for PVP for each player, no matter how high your VIP level is. For example, give 3 lives to each hero with no way to restore their lives using gold or any other tool. So if you spend all 3 lives of each hero, you can relax because your hero’s lives will restore in 12 hours. Or even make an automatical restoration every 24 hours, not 12 hours, which would be better.
The current system is a nightmare: the one who spends more money and time will get to the top. If we all had the same amount of PVP lives, it would be much more justly and balanced.

Personaly i like this rythm of games ; i can play all my days + It’s to late for down pvp times we allready have 1,5years behind (dont understand why they called it world launch if group of player start the game before how can be 1st vs guys who farm the game since 1year with all bounty all pvp and exploit ; now it’s funny cuz they want nerf all cuz the game become more competitive) It’s a Canadian Gacha Games it’s farm & p2w games you need to admit it / for auto i admit it’s more funny to play but i like look the fight too, my idea is a rpg feature before the fight give order to heroes "primary focus, secondary focus & more without random switch or lot of unbalance touch for exemple prophet and sentry dont have the same chance of touch (sorry my english is bad haha)

I’ve been playing for 7 months, since august of last year l, I usually control all my matches to ensure victory. I’m happy to see all the new guys coming up! But it hasn’t all been roses, during beta a lot of things changed we used to spend a lot for upgrading heroes! Be thankful how easy it is now to get frags and such!

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In beta there was no use of exploid ask the devs… we played fair.

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I feel your pain on the PvP grind Gabrael.

Thinking about it a lot more since the brawls started. I did start during the beta but well after yourself and a number of others.

One way you could change it up a bit would be, instead of lives per (or in conjunction), how about you limit the number of games you CAN actually play. Like 100-200 per reset cycle. Then based on how well you do whether you win them all or 70 or 80% you are graded.

Now this will obviously favor those playing with higher team power if using the current grading/point system, but I am sure there is a way to account for that. Whether people or grouped by total team power or some other means.


I agree. I do think scaling back on the vip rewards of the extra heart puts them in a tough posistion as I’m sure is one the reasons many people spent enough to get it in the first place. For many it may feel like a revoking or something they paid for. However I do think stowaway some scaling back makes sense.

The hero revive system is also standard fair for these types of games, so I don’t see that going away.

I think the best compromise may be to make PvP lives only reset once a day, since many people’s rosters are so large, that you make pvp revives once a day instead of two, and instead double the rewards. It’s still a major time commitment, but at least might cut the necessary time commitement in half, and allow people to work that time into their own schedules a little more sustainably. At a bare minimum at least setting PvP lives reset to the same as the event reset, to remove the compulsory (if you want to place at least) hour grind that falls in the middle of many people’s work day.

Giving my time zone as an example, as someone who is busy especially during the week who works, (but hence is more likely to spend money). To keep up with PvP, I need to play for two hours after 11pm and then again spend the entire hour from 11am to the end of the event at 12pm in order to hold my place.

For me, clearing my roster requires a time commitment of two hours. I’m doing it now, as I am still in honeymoon phase with the game, but that is unsustainable in the long term for me, and I will likely give up, risking losing my general enthusiasm for the game as it is a huge part of competition and progression. As someone otherwise happy to spend a few hours on this game in the evenings, this is a bummer for me. I know, anectodaly at least, that a lot of spenders, many of who have jobs which allows us to justify investing some decent money in the game, feel the same way. We may not be out and out whales, But this is a group of people willing to get to the higher to mid vip levels, and I imagine we make a decent amount of the support for the game. I understand that the current double revive system is a way to pas daily gameplay, and certainly makes people with not a lot much else to do happy. However If we feel that the current schedule is not sustainable and you may risk losing individuals who invested in the past, and are likely to invest in the future.

You guys have a great game, really something special here, and it seems like, in most aspects of the game you are more interested with rewarding consistent commitment of play in small amounts rather than grinding. That is a great way to keep people engaged IMO. Hopefully you guys can take a look at PvP and make some changes for the better in a similar light, although I’m certainly biased because it is inline with my situation.

Thanks Devs!

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