How to be pro and be top of the leaderboard


I’m W4L, and I’m the leader of Hawaiian Warriors. I’m playing this game for a while now, 365 days are on my account to be exact. And in that time we’ve had ups and downs. From lousy updates to great things happening.

But NEVER have I experienced what’s going on now. I can see u wondering. What’s going on?

What’s going on is that certain players are cheating the system. By using a so called ‘airplane mode exploit’ which makes them unable to face any real players in PvP. And to make it even worse, the same players use an auto click program to majorly rack up points, and therefore they take over the entire PvP leaderboard.

When the game first globally launched, people found a bug and exploited it to the max. Gaining lots of gear and fragments. A lot faster then anyone could achieve. Hothead answered by banning all those players. But where is this exact same Hothead Games now?

I have shown proof. I have send pictures, of people explaining to me how this ‘airplane mode exploit’ works. And also that people explained to me how an Auto Clicker program works and how to set it up. But what does Hothead do? Exactly… nothing.

Well… since they won’t lisfen to me, or my alliance. I’ve decided to make this globally known. So maybe, just maybe this will finally open their eyes. And be less money hungry and do something about this specific group of people that are ruining the game for many.

When I first reported this, I was told all of us would get reimbursed for the lost items in the PvP leaderboard. And what has happened so far? Absolutely nothing.

Thanks @Huginn, @Howitzer, @Elu, @Omnipotent, @BombBella, @Sn4cks! For ruining a game that was really enjoyable. Yet has been ruined by ignorance, and by telling lies about ‘handling it’ and reimbursing people for what’s going on.

Now I’ve had my say.
I’ve always spoken for the community, and now this is for the entire community to read.
Good luck!


I really hope they do something about it… I really don’t want to stop playing this game… but if nothing happens with the people who cheats, I’m done and won’t spend more money on this game

I’ve spent over $2000 on this game and feel completely cheated out of it.

No more spending from me until these glitchers are sorted.

These cheaters are ruining the game! Please do something about it. Let’s keep the game FairPlay

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let’s call out the people that do this

Ah so that’s how they get silly amounts of points. Pretty troubling that people would spend hundreds of dollars on this game and then cheat.

I have not seen or heard of this cheat, but if the is proof by pics it’s hard to deny… also @JokerAHAHA if W4L wants to put in the time he could easily be at the top of the leader boards, it’s just about taking the endless hours to do it. However it is curious that no one seems to meet joker in the pvp arena???

Cheers Gabrael

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Hey w4l youre completely wright when game went global i have told it to huggin 2 he promised me they would be on top of it i gave him also the link for the auto click but they do nothing about it i also do t get those people who have to play on this way to win they fuck it up for other players

Wow, I didn’t know about this. That does sound pretty unfair, considering bots are much easier.

Not that I am defending the people that do this, but what if you’re legit on an airplane and have to put it in airplane mode and want to play PvP?
What if you’re a frequent flyer and have to do this quite frequently?

I think this is kind of a grey area, because there are people that may NEED to do this, if they travel quite frequently for work or something.
10 hour flights, with nothing to do but play PvP in Hero Hunters.
Should the Devs ban them for it?

Again, not defending them, I’m just trying to figure out how they could be able to prove they were exploiting when there are certain exceptions.


Well I have not seen the pictures, but I just tried pvp on airplane mode and I couldn’t fight wouthout internet connection. So I can’t see how it’s possible


and no apology needed for not having played for a year Joker, I face piles of new guys with 60k teams and certainly don’t win all the time. I just welcome all competition at any level

I know W4L is speaking about M4RC: Hero’s Syndicate where I am the Commander. Yes we rocked #1 PvP spot this event and my members played countless hours to sacrifice for their Alliance pissing off their wife and family; thank you Members.

But I know for a fact this is not true. All 941, 251, 808, and more have faced me in PvP countless times. PvP takes skill and I choose to PvP at the 60K and more bracket; while other members due not.

I have screen shots of Joker, J3ff13x, and myself beating several players and losing to them as we post in our own Discord Server to learn from them and discuss.

We formed M4RC to compete with 808 and 251. We want to be a top Alliance and put our heads together and share our experience and knowledge to further our skill. I’m sorry to see W4L post such a thread and I have a lot of respect for him and time in the game. He is a valued gamer to Hot Heads Game.

Anyone who knows me in game knows I am about loyalty, sacrifice, and respect to my members and the the game. I expect and carry this with all my members in M4RC.



I’m about 110% sure you need internet to PvP or even do anything on the game lol. & LOL at the Airplane mode excuses but if that’s even true or even possible then ban them away haha I need more sleep and can’t be pulling this 2 to 3 hour sleep nights so I can rank up high. Highly doubt that’s even possible though. Even with bad connection it’s hard to PvP. I’ve only had the game for 82 days… you need skills to pvp… if you suck then you won’t like the game as much and be blaming the game or the devs for doing a horrible job. This game is awesome & the dev’s here are doing a really good job on the game. I’ve played other games that is 100% & requires 100% Apple itunes cards + credits to even rank on events… those games are garbage along with their devs lol this game on the other hand requires a good balance between skills + time + $. If you’re not that good of a gamer then let it be… don’t blame the game or the devs or accuse others of cheating.


Hahahaha. U think I suck? Why have I always been in top 10? Why am I in hall of champions? u need to take a close look at all previous rankings before u speak. Wether I’m willing to put the time in is the other. I don’t mind losing at all, but it has to be fair. And that is what’s not happening. This threat was meant to wake up the devs so they act. Not to cause hate like some of u guys are. It was a general message. U made it personal. Nuff said.

And for the ones with the doubts about the airplane mode exploit.
I’m not gonna tell exactly how it works, because I would never encourage anything like this.
But u turn it on and off. So ur not actually playing online. But it supposedly puts u in a different league where u will only meet players who did the same.

I don’t speak from experience, I have never done it. But that’s how it works.

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We’re locking this thread as it has devolved into toxicity, we will be making a statement shortly

Hey Hunters,

We’d like to remind everyone of the A Word on Exploits post. We welcome constructive discourse, but will not condone personal attacks or witch hunting of any kind. These exploit concerns are best handled privately between Player Support and the reporter.

Making public statements does not force action.

This post saddens all of us at Hothead. Please understand that these issues can be very complex and take time to fix. We hoped our community would’ve trusted us to respond and take appropriate action. We need to make sure we cross our t’s and dot our I’s, especially when disciplinary action can result in permanent bans. We do not want to punish innocent players.

Please see our previous post on how what you can do if you see something and how to handle it within the community.

You might not see the results of these investigations explicitly, and we won’t make the results of those investigations public. It may take us some time to properly explore any potential holes, fill them, and take appropriate action against any players who may have damaged the experience for other users.

Finally, we want to thank anyone who provided information on this issue.

A Word on Exploits post: