All my heroes were silenced couldn’t use skills affected whole team what hero has this power?

During a match I was hit with something that silenced my character so I switch to the next character and they were silenced each team member I switched to silent then all the sudden the new character skill kicked in and everybody was going in slow motion
After the PVP match Only character that stuck out was the new hero that they added
nothing in his bio says he can silence everybody on the team
is it just a glitch

It’s Showtime from Ifrit. It silences everyone instead of disorient, it’s a bug I guess

Thanks 4 info
what a glitch

Wow. Thats quite a bug. Silencing for 10 seconds the whole enemy team is brutal

Really bad bug! I haven’t played against an Ifrit yet but if I do: thanks for the heads-up and also for bringing this to attention. Hope for a fast fix.

This may not be a bug. If you look at Ifrit’s silver skill preview when he casts Showtime the 3 simulated enemies go to sleep as represented by the ‘zzzzz’ animation - in the game that ‘zzzzz’ animation is the visual indicator for Silence bring cast.

But I agree that the skill description text does not mention Silence, which it should.