Ifrit's second skill is a literal showstopper because of lag

I’m on a razer phone with max performance settings and that thing instantly puts my fps down to 5. Is this a thing with any one else or just me?? Are they doing anything to fix this??

Is Ifrit on the enemy team? Do are aware that one effect of the skill is to slow your team down right?

I have fps issues with his show time skill too. It reduces my fps down to 5-10 and I’m on the lowest graphic setting.

I did mention “fps” like frames per second

Well atleast its not just my phone. Here’s hoping they fix it before releasing the new hero

Same here on HTC u11.

I wrote a ticket and Devs are aware they said… I reduced graphics to lowest to try get around it.

Same thing happens to me. showtime takes my fps down to a slideshow.

He slows down the enemy team for a brief period. But I don’t have lag.

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