All these updates!

All these updates and new stuff each month… but still havent fixed the damn constant crashing and freezing, bad part is when it happens all…the…time! In my opinion… alliance war is terrible it sucks, yeah i said. ive sent plenty of feedback to “tech support”. no fixes just adding new heros that are garbage after they are introduced. im getting sick of the crashes and freezing. Try dedicating some time in fixing ththese issues. As long as it takes.

The Designers that make the Heroes, or work on new Modes like Alliance Wars are not trained to work on coding. Just like how Coders aren’t Designers. Believe me you wouldn’t want a Designer trying to fix crashes or other issues, it would just end up worse.

So while actual Coders try to fix crashes and freezes or other issues, the Designers are going to keep doing what they do.

But that being said, I have yet to experience crashes or freezes on either of the phones I play on daily. Which device do you have?


I play on android and iOS games freezes only in PVP matches occasionally where you will get matched up and it won’t load into the match. Only way I’ve found to get to the match is reload the game 3 times. Always 3 times that it loads into the match finally where the match is about 30 sec into it. Can be a real pain but have been tolerating it. Personally I believe it’s caused by lack of service cuz I’ve played games with lil service and this has happened with full or fast service. But this has been my only issue with the game since I started over a year ago so not too bad on yer coders.

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I do agree with you on the coding part @LordNikon :joy: , but I don’t agree that there are no crashes, I’ve posted some screenshots recently, where my game is stuck loading for 15-60 minutes, rebooting the phone, closing and reinstalling the app didn’t work.

But I love the new changes we can expect.

I was just saying that I havent experienced any on the two devices I play on. a Razer gaming phone, and a iPhone X.
It is hard for us to fix issues when we can’t repro them in house. That is why I was asking which device they have.

I use two (2) Samsung S8 and I don’t usually experience problems but at times PVP tends to take a while to load so I’d have to restart twice and the resume play (hopefully the opponent hasn’t caused to much damage) but other thank that the game is perfect. Looking forward to the new update and I’m still anticipating a LEGENDARY Phalanx skin (something up to date similar to Kobold or Yeager styling)

Moto z2 play. I understand a developers job. I’ve just sent so many feedbacks that I thought they were just swamped and couldn’t figure out why… But reading the thread I see no one else is experiencing the problems I have so I guess it’s best I just delete it completely and see I wasted my the time I’ve put into the game over a year 650k power.

This happens to me too. Usually when im logged in the most in one day. Around bounty time it tends to get worse. I have 3 devices to play one account.2 iphones and a ipad. It happens on all of them. I think the cause might be when HH is trying to run events on all platforms. On normal days i dont have this issue. Playing runs smooth but when AW and bounty is at its highest in activity this issue pops up. Its never for a long period of time and it comes and goes. Just noticed its usually when im at the hieght of my grinding. Lol

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