Game desync with server

Trying to log into my account Game desync with server uninstalled reinstalled installed on different device get same error over and over on Android anyone else getting same?

Yes we Android users are experiencing this they must have shut the servers down for Android users until IOS users get their update lol.

Just spoke to the devs and the issue with the servers in unintentional. They are working on fixing it now.

Thanks for update chaps guess time to play something else toll they fix this

Deleting my account now hahaha

Yep thats the one they need to compo this now big time. Good chance we miss Platium Crate and Score lower in 3 day event half alliance if not more on ios and cant log in and now we can’t either on Android. Big update big problems oh boy!!!

looks like its up and back online

Will check now thanks for UPDATE

Its been doing that with new draft pvp too. I cant get into a game but if there is a new update coming then it doesnt matter

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