Alliance supply transfer

Hey, I’m ReverseExecution, the commander of the Alliance called DONUT BLOCK.

I had an amazing idea occur to me:
I think it would be amazing if there was an ALLIANCE BANK type thing, that allows us to send gold, or cash, or even alliance Crystal’s to fellow players in our alliance.

The idea of lending some gold, or hero bucks to somebody in your alliance would make it feel more alliance like. It would also feel like we could help our comrades out more than we can.

Let me know if you like this idea, and thanks for reading!


If game will provide bank as you mentioned then all players can reach 100 within months now you were thinking how I have a answer for that also as you said earlier our Alliance can send gold or cash to a specific person right ?

Now my answer is that if I make 10 accounts and make an Alliance and regularly send all 9 accounts gold and cash to one account then I’ll be 100 or at maximum level really soon so no one will take part in other events it’ll be so easy

I hope you all understand what I’m trying to say especially @LazyCOMMAnd3r @Jado @ReverseExecution @AFFROBO @Robert_Pronk


I already manipulate the system and feed several accounts towards my main, this helps me grow fast and dominate in war. If I could also send all resources to my main account then it would be something called ‘boosting’ this is a common problem in multiplayer games and is often a bad thing as it allows you to max out or increase rewards without actually earning them.

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I’m not sure what i’m tagged for

Robert I tagged you cause I thought you can understand this topic more than me

I could see so many bad things coming out of this if it were implemented. Gale touched on some of them. I would additionally be concerned with “Dues” paying within an alliance, aka “Taxes”, to be a part of some awesome alliance. Or penalties being levied against a player for say “poor performance” or not meeting “minimums” and having to pay a “fine” to remain within the alliance. And the fact that a player could be made to pay dues, taxes, fines and then still be kicked…could start a rash of accepting new members, making them pay membership fees, and then kicking them immediately and finding the next victim. All very bad possibilities with a giving and taking system like you are describing.


Alright then, what if it’s just alliance crystals?

No gold, no bucks, no taxes or fees.

We could simply send alliance crystals to our teammates.

And why should you make an alliance of just all of your accounts? That would take way longer than playing with active members. Even if we did that, then I feel like you’d still have to work for the resources just as hard on each account, making up more time.

Alliance gems have value too. And when I say “taxes and fees” it applies to anything of value. Even if it was just alliance gems I can see “Come join the #1 alliance in PvP and Bounty. Member requirements X billion bounty, X million PvP, and 1000 alliance gems donated to alliance coffers per week” and you are the new guy for a week, you donate 1000 alliance gems, and then get kicked.

I know the honest people out there are now thinking “who the heck would abuse their players like that”, but it’s human nature to exploit, this game and so many like it are the proof. Just look at what happens in AW. Alliances that meet each other often because there are so few in their power bracket have learned that instead of fighting and stressing and ending up winning some and losing some that they win just as many and lose just as many as they did fighting and stressing but instead take turns winning and losing on purpose and not stressing anything. Viola! Human nature, at it’s worst, will always come out and ruin the good intentions of everything. So, best not to even dangle that carrot.


Any strategy is a good strategy lol

I see what you mean though it definitely makes sense. You ever play 8 ball pool? If you request tokens friends can send them? I don’t see harm in a system like that.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I actually love the idea of an alliance being able to pool resources like you are describing. I’m just playing devil’s advocate for what could go very wrong as well.

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Add me as a friend on the game! Let’s play a challenge

It’s something people ask for, but we have a strict policy about allowing the sharing/redistribution of any kind of currency or items between accounts. There’s too much room for abuse. The compromise we presented is War Coins, which allow you to convert unused Gear to help your Alliance. We currently have no plans to allow the sharing or redistribution of anything else. Thanks.

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Understand. Thank you for the feedback!

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