Inventory System, Player Requests/Donations, Alliance Shop

I would like to see an inventory system so I can see all of the items I have on stand-by. This would help plan for which heroes to bring up and if you are running low on something prior to finding out when you go to upgrade.

I think it would be awesome if you could post an item you need to Alliance chat so that way if you have a player that has a surplus of an item you need they can donate to the cause to make your alliance stronger. I am not saying it would be a limitless donation (ask for one and possibly receive 35), but set limits on it so that you can receive little bonuses.

For example:
Green - 10 donations
Bronze - 7 donations
Silver - 5 donations
Gold - 3 Donations
Platinum - 1 Donation
(This is the total possible to receive per request, not per donating person)

An Alliance Store would be cool too, you get points for running raids with alliance members, and donating items, or even have them as a bulk reward from events for alliance placement/contribution. You can even make tiers of the store so as your alliance levels up more items become available.


Second that…

Love the first two ideas, first one would be a huge quality of life improvement and second improves the alliance aspect of the game.

The last point, I don’t think I’d want to see a store necessarily, but some sort of incentive to keep people active in an alliance would be nice.

Hey @JRichards! It’s cool to see that all 3 of these ideas are thing the team has discussed at one point or another. Looks like we’re all playing the same games :slight_smile:

Alliance Store is something to look out for in the near future. For Inventory, we’ve been waiting for the right feature to develop it with. Maybe a way to fuse extra gear you don’t need to make your heroes even stronger? It’s definitely on our radar but just a matter of priority, as always!

Donations is still a future possibility too. I think we would like to spend a bit more time learning everything about the gear economy - smoothing out the rough points, measuring the average time to get to each grade - before we seriously consider it. Donations being social-driven makes it inherently very difficult to predict. Your suggestion about limitations is spot-on though!

Obviously none of the ideas are original, just kind of carry overs from other games we have probably all played in the past. It is great to know that some of this is already in the works or being looked at for future use.

I will pass this along to my Alliance as I know a couple of them have expressed interest in the ideas in our chat.

Keep up the great work! We love this game.

Hot dog, that alliance thought must have been in the final stages of dev when I suggested it. Or the idea was just that great… probably the first one. So stoked. Great job guys, the teaser video got my alliance pumped!

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