Alliance didn't join war?

Does anyone else have that problem?

We have the same problem. I hope we can get some answers soon on timing so we can prepare accordingly.

Yep. Same with us. All chats went down just now so I’m here.

Alliance Blood Diamond >> same problem <<image

We’ve received this report! Working on getting this fixed, thanks everyone for letting us know.


Same boat in all Russian alliances.

Please postpone it for a few hours- a day, so it doesnt just start out of the blue and be random put a timer on it. Wouldnt be cool if it just started out of nowhere and alliances dont have a clue about it working again. Got people taking bathroom breaks at work for when it starts.


DILIGAF… we are having the same issue!!! Says we didn’t join and clearly we did:(

It’s a glitch guys. They are working on a fix. Blame it on daylight savings time.

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wholeheartedly agreed here in order to have a level playing field for all parties involved.

Wow…No war. this is going ot be boring

Hi Skathi. It would be very good if we got a new start time named. Of course only as soon as you know more about it. We wish you much success in your search for bugs.

Damn we joined the war, why did we get booted at the last minute?

It’s a known glitch. It’s being worked on.

This is already fixed. Pretty stealthy. We have many guys at start, then war was canceled, peoples turn off the game. And tadam! they fix the problems and alliances with nolifers got a big advantage on the map. Thanks, devs. You are the best.

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Yeah that was kinda bs. We were ready at 2, but not out of the blue at 2 48